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A Face to Remember

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Blackwell, 49, had his first seizure when he was 11 and had experienced similar incidents periodically thereafter. Clip exploding facial info personal remember.

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His eyes drooped; his nose drooped and just shifted. But more recent research provides evidence that face patches, generally recognized as three chunks of the temporal lobe, are critical to the everyday observation of faces. So it might be true. Wanting to learn more, Parvizi asked Blackwell some questions: After working with the middle face patch in macaques, the researchers identified a number of other regions active during face perception. Unlike traditional people counting solutions, which might rely on an infrared beam being broken by foot traffic, facial recognition can also be used to eliminate double counting and to suppress the faces of staff out of the results.

To see whether individual neurons respond to particular features in the face, they created a simple cartoon in which the parts could change independently of one another—the eyebrows could be removed, the eyes spaced far apart, and so on. He wanted to feel secure when caring for his two young children instead of worrying that he might have a seizure while bringing them to the park.

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It looked like a human face, then disappeared. But his latest work shows that, although disrupting the OFA reduces brain activity in the visd when ibfo participants view photographs of faces, inffo activity remains normal when they view videos. Also using fMRI, Ida Gobbini and James Haxby of Dartmouth College have shown that the extended regions are much more active when viewing familiar faces than unfamiliar ones. According to Cognitec vice-president for Asia-Pacific, Terry Hartmann, awareness in the commercial sector of the safety and security is spilling over into more positive use cases, such as providing services to VIPs. In a recent study demonstrating the technique, they asked what would happen if they silenced the neurons in and around a particular face patch in macaques that had been trained to discriminate the gender of human faces.

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