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Disgusted by the under-the-table payments being made by universities to athletes, Tigert established the grant-in-aid asiian scholarship program in the early s, which was the genesis of the modern athletic scholarship plan used by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Tuition for online courses is lower and for graduate courses is higher.

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History of the University of Florida Century Towerbegun Univeraityto commemorate the th anniversary of the founding of university and as a tribute to the alumni who perished in both World War I and World War II. The Unifersity of Florida traces its origins towhen the East Florida Seminarythe oldest of the University of Florida's four predecessor institutions, was founded in Ocala, Florida. InPresident Bernie Machen and the University of Florida Board of Trustees announced a major policy transition for the university. My current and future research concerns problems of history, politics, and Islam in the manuscript literature of colonial Java along with narratives of violence and trauma in postcolonial Indonesia.

The school colors, orange and blue, are a reference to the region's heritage and an homage to the Scottish and Ulster-Scots Presbyterian heritage of the original founders of Gainesville and Alachua County, most of whom were settlers from North Carolina whose ancestors were primarily Presbyterians of Scottish descent who had come to America from County Down and County Antrim in what has become Northern Irelandwhile some had come directly from the Scottish Lowlands.

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I am anticipating work on a new project that will explore the shape of traumatic memory in the narratives of violence Universiyt now being produced by survivors of the massacre of the Indonesian Left. I offer a range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels that concern various aspects of Indonesian cultural history; Islam in Southeast Asia; Sufi thought in Indonesia; genocide and trauma in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe; and critical theory in the study of Asia. Our faculty brings together scholars with diverse research interests, ranging from African oral literature through post-colonial African women writers, from language documentation to languages of urban Africa as well as contemporary African film, pop-culture, and media.

My book, Writing the Past, Inscribing the Future: I am currently working on a number of projects:

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