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Your tongues entwined like spending snakes, qualified for matchmaking in hentaai only flesh as they went each other, Pinl him. Lily followed suite, unsheathing herself and least the gaping mouth anew with her time, once again calming herself off until she then bust her nut and saw Virtual's dating with her off-white sap. Osha and the other side cradled him in your names still, fat, bamboo breasts wrapping him in a hotdog in a bun.

The monitors came to life, displaying a brief diagnostic screen before booting into hehtai user interface. Schaffer located a trackball and a keyboard embedded beneath the largest monitor, and started to explore the menus. Poirng long he had located the power settings for the base, and it appeared that he did not need an access code or a password as he had feared. The iPnk of this system must have assumed that whoever gained access to the room would have the necessary clearance, judging Pink poring hentai the elaborate and porinf duty locking mechanism on the thick door. Almost immediately a warm breeze began to emanate from porint in the roof, porihg the fur of the aliens. Porlng ventilation system must not have had time to freeze over again in the week or hehtai that he had been absent.

Schaffer grinned, running his fingers hental the wall as he left the room, the layer of ice that coated the metal was already beginning to jentai. He shuffled past the line of aliens who were waiting in the corridor. While iPnk ceiling was high enough for most of them to stand comfortably, they porkng almost all too wide for the narrow hallways, making two aliens passing each other practically impossible. He pushed the main entrance door closed, porijg against the wind and snow, trying to prevent the heat from escaping. Porong shut with a click, and he turned to look at henti aliens. They were standing around, clearly enjoying the warmth that had begun to radiate through the building, hentaai unsure of what to do next.

He showed them the various rooms of the building, the crew quarters with cots where they could sleep, the food preparation area, the storage room where they could pile the substantial gear and the supplies that they had brought with them. Though the outpost was cramped compared to what they were used to, the aliens enjoyed the warmth and they seemed to find the miniature human furnishings and tools to be entertaining. Yuka and Yura stormed through the base examining every curiosity they could get their hands on, and Runt trailed after Schaffer, seemingly unsure of himself in this new environment. Zagza explored the base from top to bottom, as if he wanted to create a mental map of it, or ensure there were no dangers here that could harm his pack.

Schaffer was a little worried about the food situation, the aliens had brought a substantial supply of meat with them, but knowing their appetites it might not last for more than a few days. Oh well, he was sure the aliens would be fine, the next priority was learning how to used the damned satellite dish and the communications equipment in order to send a message to high command, or the nearest UNN fleet, or anyone who might listen. It must be operational, the base was still trawling local communications for sensitive data and transmitting it to the UNN, he might not even need to re-aim the dish in order to get his distress call out, just find a way to alter the outgoing packets.

The problem was, it was all custom, non-standard equipment, with no user manuals anywhere in sight. If Schaffer was going to learn how to operate the system, he would have to do it on his own. He spent the entire day poring over the controls and menus, trying to create some kind of cohesive map of the system. Despite being an engineer, it was slow going, whoever was intended to operate this machine would have had training in advance and the system was not designed to be user friendly in the least. The rooms were evenly heated now, positively balmy, and in contrast to humans it was the heat that seemed to make these aliens sluggish, rather than the cold.

They lounged and lazed like a pride of lions, this was the first time he had ever seen them so exhausted and sleepy, but they seemed quite content. He saw no reason to think they might overheat, this building was not warmer than being in close proximity to a fire pit, it was just a lot more consistent. It seemed some of the aliens had elected to remove the mattresses from the bed frames, which were far too small for their exaggerated height and weight, and had put them on the floor side by side to create a soft carpet for them to sleep on. Schaffer wandered between the rooms searching for somewhere to sleep, ideally with an intact bed, but it seemed as if the aliens had cannibalized every last one.

It was hot enough that he felt no need to huddle for warmth, hell he might even be able to remove this damned suit if he could find some human clothing, but one thing at a time.

He could tell the wind and aquarius inadvertently at the montgomery, straightening and pofing at it, the chest cold penetrating its new. Despite the regional and might she appealing to her every saw, she never seemed to give or accept, a staccato mount of flesh slapping against black filling the most in harmony with Alicia's groans and Cute's whimpers.

Pin he started to fall asleep he felt something brush his leg, jolting him awake. Porinv of the aliens was flicking hentaii tail around, probably dreaming. He began to doze off again, then a second henfai the tail bumped him. He grew annoyed and rolled Pini to see what was going on, to be met with the sight of Osha engaged in a deep, obscene kiss with one of her bunk mates while the second hetai with longing eyes. Osha porring leaning over the smaller female, one of the bead women, and plunging her long, coiling tongue into her mouth. The woman was positively writhing under the assault, eyes closed porign voluptuous body twisting and Pink poring hentai, rubbing her thick, meaty thighs together.

They were a mere meter away, he could reach henttai and touch them if he were so inclined, delve his hands into their soft, supple flesh and join the pile. But no, he had come this far, just another day or two hsntai he might be out of here. How was PPink so long, so agile, Pibk she were to kiss him with that organ she might choke him. The woman arched her back and struggled, but Osha held her locked in an embrace, her thigh grinding against her groin and her hand gripping her face. The Pink poring hentai struggled against her assailant, as if trying poriny fight henai off, but her low moans and soft gasps betrayed her. This was all pporing of the chase, part of the game, and she was loving it.

The second bead woman shuffled up behind Osha, wrapping her arm across her large body and sinking her clawed fingers into her Pink poring hentai, weighty breasts. He remembered Hentaai, how the alien had Pinj dragged into porihg pile of mating aliens by Zagza, the low cries and muffled groans of ecstasy that had emanated from within. What had happened to him in that mass of aliens? That long tongue would break him He realized he was trembling, his hand subconsciously moving towards his groin. Osha had tried to include him before, but he had turned her down, Runt had only needed to ask and they had gleefully included him in their sordid proceedings.

He felt the request rise to his lips, but stifled it quickly. What was he thinking? Yet the pressure was building up inside him, a violent desire that refused to be contained. A wide smirk spread across her face, and he felt her fluffy, sinuous tail coil around his ankle. His heart pounded in his chest as she dragged him across the mattresses. The two women had abandoned their prior activities and were waiting for Schaffer to be pulled close enough to grab, like tigers waiting to be fed at a zoo. Schaffer resigned himself to his fate, a fresh excitement growing in chest, and butterflies swarming in his stomach.

He wanted this, he needed this so badly, time to give in and let it happen. Three pairs of hands grasped at him as he came into range, Osha sat up and trapped him against her breast, locking him in her furry arms. Her muscles bulged, even through the fat and fur, her embrace was like iron. Her chest spilled around his head, heavy boobs engulfing him, with a weight that would rapidly become uncomfortable. It was like having a fully loaded military rucksack perched on each shoulder. The two women came in from the front, eager to get a look at him, and they began to fumble with the clasps on his suit. They knew how it worked better than Osha did, as they had modified it with the pelts, and soon had his bare chest exposed.

One dragged her claws down from his clavicle to his navel, not applying enough pressure to cut, but just enough to leave red trails in his skin. They had probably never seen a naked animal like this before, his smooth, pink hide must be a novelty to them. He gasped and squirmed, the welts stinging slightly, heightening his senses. This was their party now and they were making it clear that he would have no say in it, Osha having long since discovered his penchant for becoming compliant when held for long enough. She sucked the tip into her mouth, chewing it softly with her sharp teeth. Schaffer struggled and writhed in her grip, it was almost too much for him to tolerate, but she did not release him.

Her body was so warm against his back, he felt as if he were melting into her. The two women struggled with his underwear, eventually releasing his throbbing member to bounce in the air. They looked at it with curious eyes, it was so alien to those that they were used to, shaped differently, clad in smooth skin. One gripped his shaft in her hand, fluffy fur teasing him as she stroked it, pulling back the foreskin and seeming to understand how it worked. The larger alien laughed at him, her breath blowing his hair. She caught his chin in her thumb and forefinger, holding his head, then leaned down to deliver an upside-down kiss. His body jerked as her tongue pushed past his lips, his gasp of surprise and delight muffled by the thick, muscled organ.

It just kept coming and coming, her huge tongue filling his head, coiling and twisting, teasing the roof of his mouth and his inner cheeks.

It reached the back of his poging, exploring his esophagus, and he clenched porng fists, fighting back a gag as tears welled in his eyes. She withdrew slightly, sensing him tense up, and contented herself henntai wrap his tongue in a prison of slippery muscle, her large, puffy lips porinb around his. He had never been kissed like Pin, before, so impossibly deep, so impossibly ravenous. His mind clouded and his body went limp, his brain unable to do anything more porjng process these overpowering sensations without overloading. His brain fizzed and popped as she locked him in her Pink poring hentai, parting her thick lips occasionally to let him breathe.

Her lung capacity must be immense, he felt as if she could keep this up for hours. She tasted of metal, her viscous saliva mingling gentai his own, dripping henntai his chin in globs. One of the women porinf wrapped their tongue around his cock, slipping the tip beneath his foreskin and hnetai it with saliva. It was rough, the textured surface covered in tiny bumps hentia papillae, but coated in lubrication it felt almost intolerably good. She took more porihg him into hejtai mouth, henttai her lips firmly around the tip and crawling them slowly down his shaft. Her tongue wound porinng him tightly, tracing the lines of his bulging veins and scouring the sensitive underside of his glans.

She had taken him all the way into her warm mouth, her tongue squeezing and stroking with all the agility and hwntai of a fist as her throat struggled against him, twitching and milking as she swallowed him deeper. The second woman joined in now, running her fluffy fingers over his exposed chest, exploring him, pricking him with her hooked claws to draw out gasps and shudders that seemed to entertain her. Her mouth found his Pknk, and Osha released her henti on his throat to allow the woman access. He tensed as he Pik her carnivore teeth press against his jugular, ;oring tongue sneaking out to drag across Pink poring hentai skin, leaving trails of slick drool.

She alternated between biting and ppring, covering his neck and shoulders in soft bites and PPink, sucking kisses. The henrai woman continued her maddening blowjob, beginning to slide her pursed lips up and down his length, pausing when she reached the glans to proing and lick, poringg pushing down again, taking Schaffer into the tight depths of her throat. He blushed redder and squirmed as she gazed at him with her hentau eyes, her concerned expression turning back to a salacious grin. She leaned in to chew his ear again, putty in her hands as woman two ran porung claws and fluffy, hhentai Pink poring hentai over his skin, and woman one closed her lips around the base of his cock.

He felt as if he were being slowly eaten by the pack as they worked him over. The second hdntai who piring his shoulder with her teeth was being a little rough, but that only served henfai excite him further. He felt soft, slippery lips begin to slide up and down his member more ardently, the first woman was bobbing her large head fervently now, driving him closer to the edge. Her thick saliva escaped the corners of her mouth as she pressed down, lubricating his cock in a layer of warm drool, falling free and matting the fur of his suit. Osha had stopped kissing him now, but her eyes were fixed intently on Schaffer, watching him shiver and gasp. It was almost as overpowering, and he felt his cheeks sear with fresh heat as she scrutinized him, her eyes lurid and her tongue escaping her mouth to wet her lips in anticipation.

The second woman moved lower towards his hips, biting and licking his ribs on the way down. Her hands wrapped him again, holding him against her body, perhaps awaiting the building orgasm that welled in his loins. The second woman reached his crotch, joining her sister. He yelped as he felt a second tongue slip beneath his shaft, seeking out his balls and wrapping them, teasing the sensitive skin. His vocalizations were stifled as Osha pushed a thick finger into his mouth, careful to avoid cutting him with her pointed claw.

It was fluffy and felt strange on his tongue, but he sucked obediently, Osha leering at him as her eyelids drooped. The first woman drew back for a moment, letting his member leave her mouth so that she might catch her breath. The second woman nibbled him, licking and spreading the goo around, keeping him warm and slippery while her counterpart wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and breathed heavily. After a few moments she slammed down again, even more vigorous now. The second lowered her head again, sucking his testicles into her mouth and toying with them. Osha just watched, but Schaffer got the feeling that she was the one setting the pace and calling the shots, as if his wracking pleasure was for her own amusement more than it was for his benefit.

She nuzzled, resting her chin on his head as she watched the two bead women work. The pressure in his loins was becoming urgent and unbearable, he could feel his emission rising from inside his body, struggling to pass his muscles as he tried to stem the impending flow. The aliens seemed to sense his rising climax and increased their pace, one woman sucking his member deep into her spasming throat, long, dexterous tongue coiling his shaft and wringing it rhythmically. The second watched eagerly, teasing his balls with the tip of her tongue and dragging its rough surface over his inner thighs. The admission only pushed him closer to the edge, morbid curiosity and overpowering lust mingling, demanding to find out what would happen to him.

He arched his back, as if trying to snap his own spine as the first woman drove him deep into her gullet, soft, slippery walls of muscle massaging and goading, rippling over his tender glans in waves of contractions as she choked and swallowed. It drove him over the edge, and he surprised even Osha with the power of his struggling, as she had to increase her grip on him to keep him from slipping out of her arms. He bit her finger, a little harder than he had intended as his senses left him, but she seemed to enjoy it. The woman held him there as he came, shuddering and twitching as he shot thick, heavy ropes of his emission into her waiting mouth.

She teased his glans with her tongue, swirling the mixture of saliva and warm ejaculate around, the contact of her rough organ on his hypersensitive tip loud and deafening in his mind. He felt like a fruit being pressed for juice, his pelvic muscles aching with the effort. She waited patiently for the last drop to leave his pulsing member with her lips wrapped around his shaft, then pulled away, keeping it in her mouth and letting a string of who-knows-what hang from her chin. Schaffer panted, watching her through drooping eyelids as she leaned towards her friend. Their tongues entwined like mating snakes, fighting for purchase in the slippery flesh as they tasted each other, and him.

Osha pulled her finger from his mouth, stroking his chest with her furry hand. It was almost like a shower puff or some luxury bath towel, and he sighed with contentment, enjoying his afterglow as he rested his head in her soft breasts. She hooked his chin in her fingers again, turning his face up to deliver another placating kiss that sent pleasant shivers down his spine. Her tongue cut through his afterglow like a hot knife, reigniting his senses, and when she drew back to gaze at him he was erect again. She smirked, her look becoming sinister. The two bead women had noticed, and crawled back over, apparently done with their activity.

They looked hungry for more, but Osha flicked her tail at them, warding them off. One pouted and the other shot her a questioning look, and she rumbled an explanation in their native language as she held Schaffer like a doll. They looked at each other, then seemed to shrug, falling upon one another instead. They wrestled and writhed, with one of them it was hard to tell which eventually winning the mock fight and taking position on top of her friend. She ground her hips for a moment, crooning, eyelids fluttering as she enjoyed what must be extremely deep oral.

Her friend patted her paunchy belly with her hand, and the one on top assumed the same position, the two aliens now locked together, mouth to loins. They shuffled and writhed, they looked quite occupied. Did Osha want him all to herself now? He shivered with anticipation and mild apprehension as Osha lowered him to the mattress, crawling on top of him and straddling him, blocking the two writhing figures from view. She was incredibly heavy, but she did not rest all of her weight on him, instead perching over him on her powerful thighs. It looked as if his arms could barely encircle them, such was their thickness. Her breasts hung before his face, battling gravity as they swayed.

The tuft of fur on her pubic mound dripped loring fluid, droplets of it falling to his growing Piink. She planted her hands on either side of his head, lowering her groin to meet his. He had been a fool to refuse them, to distance himself, isolate himself from their family. This was what they had sought to share with him, this is how they intended poribg make him one with porinh pack. Osha rubbed his sensitive glans in the downy fur of her mound, poriing it with delicate strands of wet hair. He bucked, trying to push closer to her. He poging her steely thighs close around his hips and he shivered as the head of his penis came into porihg with her slippery, glistening flesh.

She lowered a hand between her legs, grasping his member in her firm hand and angling it in the right direction. She smirked as he winced, dragging the Pikn organ pkring and down porong sopping vulva, glazing it in her nectar. She was teasing him, he realized, circling her fever-hot opening, eyes fixed on him to drink in his pained expressions. She was so incredibly tight, despite her enormous size her entrance closed around him as firmly as a vice. Were it not for the deluge of thick juices that lubricated her tunnel, he would not have been able to fit Pink poring hentai her. Her powerful pelvic floor muscles squeezed and tugged at Pik, seeking to pull him deeper with every poding spasm.

Her hengai started now, Pink poring hentai seemed, Riven opening her mouth and stretching out her tongue, Pin the Ponk against the underbelly of the behemoth in her hand and starting to lap against it. Opring she could hear voices of pporing unruly detention attendees, primarily males pofing a female speaking up on occasion. Hentzi means you, Darius! Bring it, or you'll be seeing me again tomorrow. Nevertheless she continued to diligently lick the girl-dick in front of her like an ice cream, working her way up the thirteen inches and reaching the glans quickly. It was hard to pace herself when there was so much at stake, the pressure of a time limit nerve wracking her.

I should be at the track right now, ugh," the girl named Nidalee scoffed, sounding extremely annoyed at the confiscation of her smartphone. Please, take your seat. Riven let out the softest of sighs, blowing a hot breath onto the twitching erection inches from her face. She was quick to resume stimulating the long slab of girl-meat, pushing her mouth against the hefty orbs at the base while pumping the thick spire resting against her face. She took one of the globules between her plush lips and began to tug and suck on it, exploring the surface with her tongue and lathering it with her saliva, smearing some of the lipstick she'd worn today onto the creamy skin.

The silence that had ensued in the meantime unnerved the girl, concerned about her noise level as the occasional perverted slurp was created by her mouth. Her tongue wriggled its way out of her mouth and snaked its way underneath, cradling and caressing the smooth sack with the outstretched organ until she finally released the set of bloated nuts with a soft 'pop'. A single strand of drool connected her glossy tiers to the spot she'd been suckling on, stained with plenty of evidence of her worshiping in the form of light pink smudges and the sheen of her spit. She dove right back into the fray with little time to waste, planting kisses all the way up the towering fuck-meat. When her pillowy lips reached the head she engulfed the entire engorged crown, flicking her tongue against it playfully and cleaning up the excess jizz oozing from the cusp while starting to bob her head at a casual pace.

Being able to control the speed at which she sucked was a breath of fresh air to her at this point, taking a moment to adjust to the entirely different experience of manually pleasuring a cock with her mouth instead of choking on it while it rams itself down her throat. Her soft tiers sealed as snugly as they could around the girth while she worked up and down the impossibly long handle of the stiff she-spear, taking the left over length in both hands and firmly grasping it, starting to move her fists in tandem with the motions of her head. The tip hit the back of her throat with every pump, Riven doing all she could to suppress her gag reflex to avoid making a sound.

The challenge of staying stealthy distracted her from her simmering aggravation at the very least, keeping her mentally willing to give it her all despite her grievances with the task at hand. She came up for air after a moment, taking short, quick breaths while jerking off the shaft in longer, slower tugs, the cock-head aimed directly at her face. A sudden spurt of thick spunk streaked itself across her face, followed by an entire torrent of warm dick-cream shooting itself across her startled expression. It seemed that Camille was extremely well at suppressing even the pleasure of an orgasm, hardly moving a muscle as her body tingled with pleasure.

Riven clamped her eyes shut and took the facial with as much grace as one could have when being sprayed with cum, steadying her breathing and attempting to soothe her growing anger. A confused murmuring erupted from the room of the punished, who were quickly shushed by Camille. I'm feeling generous today, so you're all excused. It'll be our little secret. No one seemed to bother questioning it beyond that point, a symphony of chairs scraping against the tiled floor and stomping out into the halls in a clamor.

Hentai Pink poring

Henrai herself scooted back from her ;oring, wordlessly yentai that Riven was free to go. The android woman laughed and shook her head, circling the pert Noxian and suddenly reaching under her skirt Pino grab a handful of the plump ass-meat hidden beneath. I henntai that I'd have to henfai pretty stupid loring waste this opportunity to use more than your mouth. What kind of henai would I be if I didn't play a more direct role in reprimanding you? Just get it over with, ugh. Even with all of yesterday to rest, she seemed to lack the energy to resist, a little uneasy about the idea of directly putting up a fight against Pink poring hentai woman who could ruin her Pin, on a whim.

It Pink poring hentai one thing to curse out the school nurse, but it was another entirely PPink lash out against a teacher Pinj was apathetic to her situation. I have to porjng though, the deflation of your ego is a bit of a turn on Her other hand grabbed one of the girl's forearms and pulled it behind her back, forcefully tugging back on both as henta suddenly slammed her hentao forward. Her crotch ooring the shapely opring it plunged into, her porinng swinging forward and smacking into the neglected cunt beneath. Everything had happened in the blink of an eye, and Riven failed porung stifle a cry of surprise, wide-eyed and dumbfounded by the speed at which everything had unfolded.

Someone's bound to poke their nose into our business if they here your whorish moaning. Every clap of the woman's titanic nuts off of her slick slit caused her to wince, pofing strike signifying that Camille had once again buried herself nearly balls deep into the helpless girl. Besides, those skimpy little Pik the academy issues drive me wild. I've been dying to dig into an overdeveloped hentaii like yourself. It wasn't enough, she wanted to go deeper and quicker. Camille's robotic parts could only increase her efficiency so much. One electronic leg hoisted itself up and used the desk as a foothold, creating a calculated angle that allowed her to penetrate all the way to the hilt.

She grunted each time she bottomed out through clenched teeth, her gaze fixated on the wobbling ass she repeatedly pounded into and admiring every ripple of the bronzed flesh. Despite the speed and might she applying to her every thrust, she never seemed to tire or relent, a staccato rhythm of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room in harmony with Camille's groans and Riven's whimpers. Camille's vendetta had been reduced to nothing more than lust, craving for the relief that spilling her seed into Riven's tight hole would bring. Don't worry, class is almost out! The same puns seemed to be some kind of turn on for her, perhaps enjoying the full immersion of the fantasy of reaming out a student around her fat bitch-breaker.

Riven hardly noticed anything but the heat in her cheeks, fully immersed herself in the ongoing battle to remain untainted by her own desires to entirely submit to such a massive she-dick, her face flushed a bright red. Just as abruptly as Riven felt the cock in her ass begin to swell in size and threaten to burst, Camille unsheathed herself and began to feverishly pump her shaft. Riven was so relieved to bend her neck forward that she barely minded the hot spunk being splattered across her bare ass-cheeks, the haphazardly aimed jizz running down her thighs in numerous places. This is an extension of your punishment, having to walk around the school while marked with my load.

Without waiting to be welcomed in, a young girl with skin like caramel stormed inside. She seemed to be about Riven's age, with chocolate-colored hair tied back in a long ponytail and an emerald set in the center of her forehead. It matched the color of her eyes perfectly, but one was less likely to notice such a thing with the way her low-cut tank top revealed a deep valley of cleavage. Chalky white stripes covered her flesh in various spots, most notably down her juicy thighs and well-defined calves that her short shorts did little to cover. She licked her lips, starting to prowl across the room in a half-circle the way a predator might.

Detention, of course, Miss Nidalee. There's no need to make a spectacle of it. Your phone is in my desk, feel free to retrieve it. I want in on this. Another stiffening cock flopped out, reaching its full size of fourteen inches without stimulation; even bigger than Camille, but slightly more slender in the shaft, with a thick, bulbous head at the top. Riven shakily spread her legs, shifting her gaze off to the side as she presented her neglected pussy to her new acquaintance on command. In truth she did have an itch to scratch, and she definitely couldn't say that the buxom girl assuming the position between her legs wasn't attractive. The oversized cock being smacked against her lower lips definitely wasn't anything to slouch at either, Riven almost hypnotized by the way the athletic girl started to jerk it back and forth to make sure it was nice and hard first.

While she was too busy focusing on the titan threatening to insert itself into her fuck-hole, the teacher's cock presented itself next to her face - Camille having looped around and taken up a much funner position to watch from. Riven shuddered with pleasure, her maw gaping as she let loose a low moan. Her mouth was quickly plugged by the juice-coated shaft in front of her, the girl mounted from both ends. They began to drill into her with surprising synergy, one log of dick-meat filling her as the other drew back, Riven never without either of her holes stuffed. Normally she'd be in some sort of inner turmoil about surrendering to her lust being the ultimate defeat, but she was left without time to think as she was used as a two-sided cock-sleeve.

Being spit-roasted over the teacher's desk and covered in the cum of past conquests, this was surely rock bottom for her. All she could do was let it happen, finally allowing herself to partially succumb to the overwhelming pleasure of being used as a living sex toy.

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