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Sarah Palin Is Sexy

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Miranda and husband Orlando Bloom are expecting their first bundle of joy early in the New Year. In Florida, a female attorney was refused access to the Miami Federal Detention Center because her underwire bra would trigger an alarm. Meanwhile, in Belgium, jail security guards are being accused of using the security checkpoint to force attractive female lawyers to undress. When the attorney removed her bra, she was again denied entry — this time for violating prison dress code rules.

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The campaign invites average soon-to-be moms to share their stories and agree to pose in Cake lingerie. You can learn more about this initiative over at cakelingerie. Underwire bras are becoming a feminist flashpoint after increasing reports that security guards are ordering women to remove their bras to avoid setting off metal detectors. In a segment taped backstage after the VMAs on Sunday, Ellen presented Lady G with a new outfit — a hand-made lingerie set and matching skirt made entirely of lettuce and other vegetables.

Look if you must, but keep both hands on the wheel. Well, vegetarian talk show host Ellen Degeneres had the perfect rebuttal. Any bets on whether she wears it? If they are not, they risk putting lives at risk and could face prosecution.

Sxrah wearing a supportive, well proportioned bikini is less aging and accentuates rather than hides natural shape. Among other things, the profile quotes someone close to the former Alaska governor of using her lingerie wardrobe — and her womanly wiles — to, um, get her way. Predictably, a few traffic-safety sourpusses are already warning of car accidents that are sure to result when motorists peek at the ad, or when their wives catch them peeking. By carefully shooting her in outfits and poses that obscure her blooming midriff. Johanna, 28, is a first-time mum and law student from Helsinki who entered the competition to encourage women to be proud of their curves during pregnancy.

VF quotes the unnamed friend as saying:

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