Want to know sex of baby

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The pros and cons of finding out your unborn baby's sex

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Yet, at 16 weeks, in much the same position I am now, I was seized with the utter unfairness of my doctor knowing something so definitive about my baby while I remained in the dark. I'm one of four girls.

Is there a hole in my baby's heart? Even though I was curious, I agreed that he was entitled to make at least one of the decisions over the course of nine months. I'm alone at this appointment; my husband just started a new job, and we thought it best that he not take the time off. Discovering that you and your baby made it through delivery alive isn't astonishing?

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You can't tell me if I have the stamina to take care of and love two children equally and whole-heartedly. We'll take it step by step. My husband didn't cry because he had wanted a boy. But once those questions are satisfied--and yes, questions of health are the crucial ones--it can't help solve the mysteries I am most curious about. Will my child have spina bifida?

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