Ph test strip color chart

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Universal PH Test Strips Full Range 1-14 Indicator Paper Tester 100 Strips Boxed w/ Color Chart

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Carry pH strips in your pocket for use in the lab or field colorpHast pH strips give you confidence in your results. The color on the strip determines the acidic or alkalinity state of the item being tested. With colorpHast pH strips, you can test the pH of trace samples without worrying about contamination. Milk has a pH of 6 and a neutral off-white color. They come in a wide variety of ranges for different samples and applications. Basic or alkaline solutions are blues and purples.

Strip Ph chart test color

In the middle zone, the pH scale becomes neutral. Blue litmus paper turns red in the presence of an acid. Less acidic solutions are orange or yellow while neutral solutions are gray to green. Lye, at the top of the alkalinity scale is deep blue and The human body requires water to be 7 on the pH scale for good health. When ordering pH test strips, be sure to select the proper pH range you're looking to test from the chart below. Her work appears on various websites and covers various topics including neuroscience, physiology, nutrition and fitness.

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