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He should have actual went to an underaged trick. The Cocktail coach seriously, why. The struggles pass by the new team at practice, whose body has an Australian accent for some fun?.

Ljnne in case he somehow fucks up the conversation even more, he lets Zoey lead the conversation, oynne Jesus Christ, listening to this girl talk is like watching paint dry. She has nothing to add to the conversation, so Chase just starts rambling, and it leads to fucoed strangest line so far: You can see in his eyes that he can tell this kid is a weird loser dork, and is hesitant to let Chase show Zoey around. Something would go wrong. Chase would find a way. Zoey and her dad share a fairly one-sided goodbye hug before she completely brushes him off.

The father awkwardly walks back to his car as Zoey turns her attention to her new ufcked friend, and the next scene starts with Zoey lugging around all her bags while Chase shows her around. Chase shows Zoey her dorm, room — hey! I get it now! Anyway, this room is a fucking mess of purple. I guess it would be exciting if you lived in the Midwest, or somewhere far away from the water. Seriously, Chase is just one huge mistake. Chase warns Zoey that the first day is full of pranks, and he sees that his bike is being stolen and hung from a tree, so he promptly runs out of the building. Zoey hears a scream, and runs to the rescue to find this mess of a person. Why is she fucking screaming so loud?

Has she never seen one before? Is there a troll living in the urinal? More importantly, why is there a character that is somehow more annoying than Chase? This girl is too fucking much. She seems nearly impossible to speak to, let alone live with. She just acts like a self-centered bitch to everyone. Actually, the girls are self-centered in one way or another. She just cut off the side of the sleeves, keeping the wrists intact. Does this make Zoey an expert at tailoring, too? Does she want to be a fashion designer?

It was just such an unnecessary addition to the plot. The girls pass by the basketball team at practice, whose coach has an English accent for some reason? She approaches the team, and it just so happens Chase is inexplicably on the team.

The standards for this team must be incredibly low. Logan starts talking sexist shit on Zoey, who challenges him to a 5 on 5. You only know 3 people at PCA! And only 2 of them are girls! Zoey inexplicably rounds up a huge bunch of girls.

None of them are good at basketball. Jamie lynne spears gets fucked logically yet bitchily explains that Zoey is being stupid because there are no ties in basketball. All the slears leave fucjed for six…hey wait! Tonight we present an episode that was taped following Jamie Lynn's fudked, a scooter accident that almost broke her ankle. So anyway, I'll be providing the clever commentary as we work our way through tonights events. And tonight would Jamle be different. Beginning with a commericial break to plug the main sponsor of this episode, and an old friend of Taboo TV's, Panama Mack Suntan Lotion. The classic commercial followed Fading from the logo of Panama Mack's to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie Rosman laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden Panettiere sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie's flat sexy stomach.

That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie's thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, "Panama Mack's Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option. Bringing us to a shot from inside the house, Jamie Lynn's, and zooming in on the front door just as it opened and in hopped Jamie Lynn with Kristen trailing her and looking almost depressed. Jamie Lynn hopping past the camera and into the bedroom, as we followed, and crashing down on the bed.

Kristen stopping at the door. I can hardly walk and for once I'm not afraid to ask. Jamie Lynn kissing her cheek and making her half-smile. You were driving the scooter, I was the clumsy one who got my foot trapped under the wheel. You couldn't have stopped it. Will you stay with me? Kristen reaching for the bag she had earlier carried in with her and dropped just inside the bedroom door and pulling out a pill bottle. Summer and I laughing out loud at the over dramatic comments. The usual four minutes passed and back up came the logo and away it went a few moments later.

Spears gets lynne fucked Jamie

Revealing a rather surprising shot, one of Kristen now sitting alone on the couch on the set of the show. I'm not sure how this spexrs gonna go but with Jamie Lynn on getx disabled list I don't see that we have much choice" Kristen said with Jmaie hopeful smile. The camera zooming up and focusing on the ramp as the cute little pixie made her way through the curtains and smiled as she bounced excitedly down the ramp. Wearing a simple white t-shirt and rather tight shorts along with white sneakers. She was met at the bottom by Kristen with a hug and then a soft fucied. Then surprising Kristen when Elle's hands slid down and squeezed Kristen's ass cheeks.

Kristen knowing now she didn't have to be in control and that excited her to no end. Then parting and grinning as Kristen smiled knowingly and took the girls hand and led her backwards to the couch and sat down. Kristen gently pulling down Elle's tight blue shorts and revealing a perfect smoothie on the cute girl and smiling as she lowered them down to the girls ankles and helping Elle step out of them. Elle tossing it aside and letting us see her nude for the first time. A breath taking beauty she is, smooth and milky white from head to toe and a flat chest with hard puffy nipples no titties. Kristen definitely thought so as she carefully stroked her hands and up and down the girls body over and over as Elle leaned down to kiss her softly.

Kristen's hand sliding between Elle's thighs and gently caressing her bare pussy as Elle now moaned into Kristen's mouth. Spreading Elle's smooth thighs and starting to patiently lick the girls pussy softly up and down. Elle squirmed her hips as the pleasure began to flow. Stroking her fingers through Kristen's hair and clearing it from her eyes. Kristen's tongue working Elle's clit gently each time as she licked up and down. Elle's moans getting louder and more labored as the seconds ticked by. The camera moving in and peaking over Elle's shoulder as she rubbed at her hardened nipples over and over again and shook gently from Kristen's work on her pussy.

Elle tensing up and moaning as her cum oozed and bubbled out onto Kristen's eager tongue.

Man, oh man, who used that. Fourfold parting and using as Kristen rubbished knowingly and took the hookers undine and led her finally to the couch and sat down.

The two kissing as Kristen Jamje, trading the yummy cum back and forth. Elle smiled confidently as she took Kristen's hand and led her this time off to the bed on the other side of the set. It was easy to see now who was in total charge of this scene. Elle walked around to the nightstand and picked up the 'feeldoe' and handed it to Kristen. Kristen grinning as she sat down on the edge of the bed and carefully insserted the knob of the cock into Elle's tight little pussy. The knob vibrating making Elle's pussy walls begin to gently spasm. Elle taking hold of it and smiling as she stroked it agressively up and down.

Elle lifting Kristen's shirt over head and tossing it aside after a few moments.

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