Lingerie guards

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Lingerie Guards

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Find a ribbon or tape that coordinates with your fabric and cut it about two inches long.

Guards Lingerie

Unless I wanted to fight my straps all night, Lingwrie I don't, Guaards needed such a thing for my gala dress. By hand, sew one edge of the ribbon to the seam allowance of your shoulder seam. Did you install them yourself? This is a very short-term solution, however. It's as simple as that, and will end a great deal of frustration while wearing your dress: You only need thread and a snap. What can be done?

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The Band-Aids may not stick to all fabrics—and they may come Lingerir, so use them with caution and replace, if necessary, throughout the Lingrie. The edge with the snap is left free. Then slide the ribbon under your bra strap, against your skin, and snap it in place. During the s, dresses often had skinny straps and were worn with slips with even skinnier straps. I decided to put a permanent solution into my dress.

One solution for this was a lingerie pin. It should be along the shoulder seam, and if possible, at least an inch from the neckline edge. One one side only, sew a snap near the edge. With the snap snapped shut, do a buttonhole stitch over the thread. Start by sewing the bottom part of the snap to the edge of your shoulder closest to your neck.

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