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The real issue is the use of slurs—the ones that usually preclude actual violence.

In the lut of author Adriano Bulla, 'You don't need to have hairy feet to read The Hobbit', why should you be gay to read a gay book? Our posts are sometimes cheeky, sometimes controversial and also support quality in books, no matter what tag or genre they belong to. Although they have gay characters and often deal with issues gay people face in their lives, as well as many issues we all face, like coming of age, relationships etc, they do not need readers to be gay. Recently, players like Josh Hader, Trea Turner, and Sean Newcomb have all had past tweets exposed, tweets brimming with homophobic and racial slurs.

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I also know a ton of religious folk who are beautiful people who support the LGBT community—the thing is, my brain—read: We all had the same itch, the same ailment that reared its head: Discover books and great stories from me and other indie authors. No differences make anyone better or worse than anyone. The word 'gay' seems to be putting readers off, both gay men and straight especially men. We have promoted the Polari Literary Salon's live tour as well as the authors to look out for because their innovative work has the potential of having a huge impact on the whole of literature.

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I was raised Catholic—I know all about being shamed-in-the-name-of-God. Shoht find us and ou our posts with an open mind, you never know, you may find great reads for you, whether you have or don't have 'hairy feet': One day, hopefully not far away, there won't be a 'gay literature' any more, but just literature of all colours for everybody; gay writers are really doing a lot to be mainstream, but we can't make it without the mainstream listening and, why not? I already have an issue with tangents. What's up with 'gay' literature?

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