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At high school and college parties, Orenstein found that the young women she interviews are expected to go looking sexy for men in order to satisfy.

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And that need to satisfy then applies to sexual interactions. In her interviews with the young women, Orenstein found that involvement with oral sex begins tye a younger age. It also only tends to go one way. Women are found to say, more so than men, that they qualify satisfaction for a sexual encounter as one without pain and where their partner is satisfied, not necessarily themselves. So Orenstein explains that even in an age where women are raised to have the independence and power to speak up, not many young women do so in sex. In high school health classes, Orenstein explains how the majority of the curriculum is about the dangers of sex: She continues that those are all valid concerns.

However, Orenstein shared a story from an interaction with a Dutch family on how they educate their children about sex. The family responded first that facebooi teach their teens about the responsibility of balance and caring in sex followed by the importance of being protected and possible consequences. Some may seem a little weird, but ultimately no matter how bizarre the sex, the goal is the same — successful procreation and continued survival of the species. Details about the giveaway are below. And don't forget to follow Live Science on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this contest and other live video events!

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