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Getting wet: discharge vs. cervical fluid vs. arousal fluid

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It is not uncommon for the normal discharge f,uid be dark, brown, or discolored a day or two following the menstrual period. How old are you really? These can protect your underpants and also help you feel dryer throughout the day. There is often information not given that can really change the answer.

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Before ovulation fouid release of the eggthere is a lot of mucous produced, up to 30 times more than after ovulation. Different Types of Discharge White: Sometimes early in pregnancy you may have spotting or a brownish discharge at the time your period would normally come. It is also more watery and elastic during that phase of your cycle. Stick with cotton underpants for the most breathability.

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This is ot mucous and means you are ovulating. It often fluctuates depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. Sometimes it isn't vagjnal to simply say yes or no. You should see a doctor or other healthcare provider if you experience: Texture may range from thin to thick and slippery to creamy. I think you can see, it can get pretty complicated to get all the information needed to give the best answer possible. Instead, you should gently cleanse the outer area vulva and rinse well with water to keep the tissue healthy.

Are you on pf or fliid you take herbs or vitamins? One of the challenges to answering questions sent into a health care Web site is making sure that the person asking the question seeks the advice and care from her doctor when appropriate. Color may range from clear to white or off-white. A normal vaginal discharge consists of about a teaspoon 4 milliliters a day that is white or transparent, thick to thin, and odorless.

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