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Do Cholesterol Drugs Have Men By Their Gonads?

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Canned food, usually contains BPA. Most food cans are coated with BPA resinand acidic cunt foods like tomatoes are especially risky. Wine, OTOH may help in moderation. But in general alcohol is not good for sperm production. It may increase the production of estrogen by the liver, which can lower sperm count.

Also, alcohol can potentially liptor the sperm-producing cells of the testicles although recent French research questions this. Examples of poor sperm morphology. Heavy marijuana smokers have been sperk to have significantly lower sperm counts and sperm that swim in circles instead of towards the egg. There are a number of drugs that affect male fertility, including SSRIs like Prozac, antibiotics like penicillin or tetracycline, statins like Lipitor, calcum channel blockers, steroids, cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatments, and opiates.

Some, like estrogens may be in the water supply, which is why our rivers are full of intersex fish. Ask your pharmacist about fertility-inhibiting side effects of your medications. There is quite a lot of conflicting evidence about environmental substances that may cause damage to sperm. Of course radiation can cause damage and birth defects. Other substances thought to have a detrimental effect on sperm are some perfumes containing phthalates, some types of pesticides, organic mercury, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

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Personal care products like shampoos, soaps, deodorants and shaving creams which contain phthalates. Some blood pressure lipigor have also been associated with decreased semen volume, sperm concentration, and motility, she adds. Opioids Not only is it Llw for these pain medications to cause erection and ejaculation problems, they can decrease testosterone levels and sperm production, Dr. Antibiotics If your guy has to take a round of antibiotics, it may affect his swimmers. Biologics These drugs are usually used in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, like lupus and ulcerative colitis. Some can reduce sperm count, and Dr.

Hurwitz says they can also cause DNA damage to the sperm. Statin drugs have been linked to over adverse health effects.

Lipitor count Low sperm

We issued a consumer alert on the topic several years ago. After all, cholesterol is fundamental for the health of each cell in the human body, and low cholesterol has been found to cause sperk wide range of health problemsincluding psychiatric states such as violence against self and other. The food and counf industries have used cholesterol phobia to manipulate health professionals and the lay public into believing that the cause of heart disease is genetic, and can only be addressed through the use of synthetic, patented, essentially toxic chemicals, i. This latest study speaks to why we must exercise the precautionary principle when considering taking a patented chemical — technically a xenobiotic alien to human physiology — for suppressing a symptom of a much deeper and more complex problem.

While oxidized cholesterol forms a significant part of the problem of atherosclerotic build-up in the arteries, it is not the primary cause of the damage to the inner lining of the arteries endotheliumand the pre-existing endothelial dysfunction that can go on for many decades silently in the background.

Ox-LDL deposits in atheromatous lesions have been viewed as an epiphenomenon, generated as part of a cascade of immune-mediated events the body activates in order to attempt to heal arterial damage. The secondary objective was to assess the evolution of gonadotropins and total testosterone plasma levels, lipid composition of sperm cells and seminal fluid, spermatozoa capacitation ability and accessory glands markers. Non-inclusion criteria were subjects having a surgical or medical history that might contra-indicate the study, liver disease, prolonged elevation of serum transaminases, lipid parameters not matching with the inclusion criteria, abnormal semen parameters, positive semen culture, cryptorchidism, varicocele, receiving lipid-lowering therapy, or lastly, subjects participating in another clinical study or another experiment over a shorter period than the period of exclusion.

They are among those most used in phase II trials in oncology but remain far more rarely implemented in other areas [ 38 ]. If one subject or more presented toxicity, the treatment was considered unsafe. To measure the evolution of these parameters 17 subjects were necessary to show the efficacy with a minimal paired difference to be detected of 0. Thirty-nine subjects were assessed for eligibility Flow Diagram is presented in Additional file 1: During the screening visit visit 0routine laboratory biochemical tests were carried out, an electrocardiogram was performed, blood pressure, weight and height were measured; physical examination including testis evaluation and semen parameters were analyzed in the Biology of Reproduction Laboratory of the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand according to the WHO standards [ 36 ].

Finally, 17 subjects mean age After two months of treatment, a consultation visit 2 took place to ensure good tolerance of treatment and to control treatment efficiency.

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