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Masturbation, Porn and ED: What You Need to Know

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This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. Our guide to the most common ED treatments goes into more detail about the best options available for treating tub dysfunction. However, the breai aspect of masturbation and sexual dysfunction is backed up by a fair amount of scientific data indicating that excessive or unusual consumption of porn could have a negative effect on your ability to engage in normal sex.

A review of clinical reports notes that the rise in ED amongst younger men seems to accompanied the development of porn "tube" sites. While there are no studies showing how long it takes to recover sexual performance after using porn for a long time, most porn addiction community websites which, it should be noted, are not scientific studies or authoritative scientific sources report "rebooting" in a few weeks or months.

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The theory is that easier access to porn -- and particularly a diverse, extensive variety of porn images and videos -- has changed the way many people think about sex, resulting in different tastes and expectations from regular sexual intercourse. In a study11 out of 19 participants who compulsively used Internet porn noted that they had "experienced diminished libido or erectile function specifically in physical relationships with women. How strong is the link? So, what could have happened to cause such a dramatic increase in the rate of ED between the late 90s and today?

Could it be responsible for things like performance anxiety masturation erectile dysfunction in younger men? They are the views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of hims, and are for informational masturbatkon only, even if and to the extent that this article features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. However, the existing surveys and studies create a pretty strong case that long-term use of porn could contribute not just to ED, but to a range of different sexual dysfunctions. This article was reviewed by Ho Anh, MD. However, some peer-reviewed studies and papers do show that there could be a potential link between watching too much porn -- something that most people do when they masturbate -- and the development of sexual dysfunction.

The cause, some researchers believe, could be the widespread availability of porn thanks to the huge growth of the Internet.

Until recently, recorded rates of ED were extremely low in young, sexually active men. The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. Either way, there are treatment options available, ranging from changing your lifestyle to using safe and effective ED medication. Put simply, rates of ED appear to be growing rapidly amongst younger men, particularly men in their late teens, 20s and 30s. What You Need to Know Can too much masturbation cause you to develop erectile dysfunction?

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