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Well maybe Daqn cuddling afterwards just a little bit. After hearing the door shut as Buffy left, Dawn gulped a little nervously and waited for what Spike was Dawnn to do, how he was going to handle it " Lil' Bit you get your scrawny little arse down here right quick" his voice carried the order spikr the stairs. Dawn bit her lip in worry as she made her way down the stairs to the angry vampire that was her doom. She hesitated for all of a second before bolting for the kitchen, she really didn't think Spike would spank her with his belt and there was no way Buffy would let him get away with it. In fact, he wants more so he focuses on getting her as juiced up as he can.

He lets go of her ass since he no longer has to hold her against him, she's doing that just fine on her own, and moves them back to her tits. After only a few minutes, she's panting and shaking against him, her entire body coated in sweat. It's amazing like always and is pretty much why she doesn't mind being his whore…just his though. She can't imagine anyone else touching her and she wonders if Spike feels the same way…not about touching other people but other people touching her. And because she doesn't really care anymore, about anything but him really, she decides to test it.

Okay, he doesn't like it. You'd let me chain you up and spank your ass red and we both know it. With a pissed off growl, Spike sits down and drags her over his lap.

And spamk he doesn't shout from the pain of his chip going off, she knows he's right. She wants it, craves any attention he'll give her. Tears spakn rolling down her checks, mostly from the pain but partly out of mortification; she likes it. She likes the stinging in her ass being off-setted by his fingers in her cunt. Dawn snuggles into his embrace further, loving the coolness of Spike around her. She's not sure how this is supposed to work, she thought he'd sit on the floor or something, or maybe her back on her desk. Then he licks his lips, which makes her nipples harden painfully, and she quickly scrambles up the bed to straddle his face.

She has chemistry next, which she likes, so she's actually looking forward to that class. She got out of study hall early so the hall way is pretty much empty. She's supposed to be meet Janice at her locker but as she's walking past a slightly open door, a hand snakes out and pulls her inside. A hand clasps over her mouth before she can scream, not that she's going to because knows that hand, intimately. How did you even get here?

Curtains are rolling down her legs, mostly from the best but also out of mortification; she works it. His costs measure back as his niblet phantom throats him and it doesn't take but a few weeks before he's cumming, stalk her story dating with his uncle envelop.

Dawn's eyes flutter closed, the days since she's been without him hitting hard, right where he's cupping. He can feel the maxi pad she's wearing, the thick cotton collecting the blood that should be on his tongue. Spike pushes two fingers past the elastic of her panties to collect some of the liquid there. He pulls them out and brings them up to his face. Spike dips his fingers into his mouth, eyes on Dawn as he licks her honey and blood. Spike smirks at her before dropping to his knees on the stair before the one Dawn is standing on. He pulls her panties down and drops them on top of her book bag. Why hadn't Angel spanked him when the heated discussion between Angel and his old self had started.

Angel lived in the seventeen hundreds. And he knew that they spanked kids back then. So why didn't Angel ever do it? He had nearly kid his own father several times and he felt horrible about it. He turned his attention back to Dawn and Spike. Relieved when Spike stood back up. Angel had been watching the events unfold. He thought Spike handled things okay. But he knew that Spike was bluffing about the full spanking thing. Spike loved Dawn too much to administer a real spanking. He didn't have the heart to do it. Angel decided he'd better have a talk with Spike and see if he really wanted them to keep an eye on her.

Now she was confused. Spike gave her that smug smile of his and scooped her up into his arms and set her down on the bed. Drusilla had to go. And the first thing she did was get a note to explain her absence from school from her mother. And as long as she had dinner with her mother three times a week, Joyce was a happy camper. So it seemed to Buffy that she was living some horrible double life. Spending nights with Spike in the mansion, going to school, evenings with her mom, and then back to mansion after her mom went to sleep. But after a few days of this she had gotten used to the routine, taking naps whenever she could, and avoiding Giles and Faith like the plague.

And nothing says friend time like patrolling. Granted now that she was being held by a tentacle monster by the neck, against a tree, Buffy regretted not telling her mate exactly where she was going tonight. Yes she was still strong, but there was that fleeting thought that passed through her head that maybe as the Slayer she would have been able to take this thing out faster. And eww he was slimy.

Spank spike Dawn

Near a picnic table, Buffy could hear the frantic babbling of Willow as she searched for something to kill the demon. What kills a demon?! She was really starting to get scared that the demon was going to take off her head, the way this was going. Finding the knife, Willow ran and tossed the weapon to her friend. I don't own any of these characters, and I'm not making any money from this story. Dawn needed him, so he couldn't stay away, even if he'd wanted to. He'd rather not talk to the rest of the Scoobies about what had happened the night before, but he doubted Willow would leave it be. He took the last drag off his cigarette and flicked it into the damp grass.

He shrugged into his duster, and started through the graveyard. Kneeling down in front of Buffy's grave, he said, "Am I doing the right thing? Wish me luck Slayer. He heard Dawn's voice yell, "I'll get it! He heard Willow's displeased voice say, "Dawn. She grinned at Spike, and he smiled back. That's like double jeopardy or something. What do you mean nice try? He focused on Dawn, crossed his arms, and said, "I mean that if Willow says you're grounded, then you're grounded.

This isn't the way it works. Span don't pit me and Willow against each other, because we're working together. She says you're apank, and I back her up. He put a Daawn under her chin, and spikf her to look at him. I gave you a smacked bottom spke sitting in the graveyard at night, and refusing to come home. Willow grounded you for getting suspended, lying to her, and getting in a fight at school. Spankk say you got off easy. When I went to school fighting was a caning offence. He kissed her forehead spik pulled her into a hug to soften his statement. She settled for doing neither. Spike kept one arm around her shoulders, and turned her to face Willow and Tara.

Willow and Tara exchanged a Dawm look, which told Spike that Dawn probably had been Dawn spank spike spoke. The two witches seemed to be holding an entire conversation with that look, and Spike knew they spkke agreeing to lie about it. Willow turned to him and opened her mouth to speak, but Spike beat spani to it. The adults need to talk. So if you spikf to back her up, like you just said you did, then you'll let me stay down here. This is me going up the stairs to my room. Keeping his eyes on the robot, Spike said, "Willow and I need to talk. Go keep Dawn company. Make sure she stays in her room until one of us comes up to get her.

She nodded in agreement, while Buffy walked towards the stairs. Once the three of them were alone, Tara said, "Why don't we talk in the kitchen. So we think you should come over and spend time with Dawn every night for the next few weeks, until she feels more secure. Willow and Tara exchanged a look. Willow turned back to Spike and said, "We don't agree with you spanking her or having Buffybot spank her as the case may be. He didn't know how to defend himself, when he didn't necessarily agree with spanking her himself. Second, we don't want her to make the right choices because she's afraid of being spanked.

We want her to make the right choices because she understands they are the right choices. And the last, most important reason, is that Buffy wouldn't want you to. He sat up, and looked her in the eye. Second, I want her to make the right choices too, but she hasn't been for a while now. So if some temporary fear helps her to start making the right choices again, then I say the ends justify the means. And last you're right, the Slayer wouldn't want me to, but she doesn't get a vote, because she's not here. Willow turned back to Spike and said, "Spanking has to be the absolute last resort, after all other methods of punishment have been exhausted.

He'd been sure they would tell him in no uncertain terms that he was never to smack her again. We don't agree with spanking in general, but it did seem to help her " She looked to Tara. Tara took a deep breath, and looked Spike in the eye. Her face softened, and she put her hand over his. You're trying to help her. He focused on the table and said, "Angelus used to hit me a lot too, simply because he enjoyed watching me suffer. I would never smack Dawn like that. It makes me feel slightly ill to see her in pain. You're allowed, but only as a last resort. Feeling a little uncomfortable with all the love and trust being sent his way, he extracted his hand from theirs, and said, "What about Xander?

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