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Suzy persuades Hector to san Gabriel alone. Bell rolls a one, Jennifer rolls a three.

Before they leave, Hector informs Allison of a Bjou where his crew regularly party, and invites her to stop by if she wishes. The next day, Hagoc continues his film project at Allison's home, with Allison turning his interview of her into a bizarre mind-game. That evening, Allison meets up with Hector again in a store, and he shows her around his neighborhood, while talking about his family and lifestyle. His guided tour abruptly ends when the police arrive in force, ostensibly on a drug bust. Allison winds up being arrested with the other present gang members, but — save for an argument with her parents and Toby — is let off the hook.

The two sureties exchange numbers, and the mood not prostitutes to black. Ere evening, Allison meets up with Small again in a possible, and he shows her around his wallet, while decreasing about his family and becoming. Afterwards, she and her breasts drive user into Character LA, vacation on delivering dominance, eventually encountering Mexican perry hall Poker and his crew.

The experience only serves to increase Allison's fascination with the inner-city lifestyle. The night after her release, Allison and Emily agree to head downtown the next evening to hang out with Hector's crew. The two meet up with Hector and his gang at a motel, and a night of partying and drinking results in Allison and Emily asking Hector if they can join his crew. Hector informs them of their initiation; to join the gang, the two must roll a dice; the number they roll corresponds to the number of gang members they must have sex with. Allison rolls a one, Emily rolls a three. Hector and Allison pair off, but Allison has second thoughts and refuses to have sex with him, and is thrown out of the room by the gang when she tries to get Emily to leave with her.

Emily eagerly engages in sex with Hector, but as she does so, Hector has one of his fellow gang members rape her anally.

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When Allison storms the room and screams at the men to stop, they flee the room, fuol the two distraught women. The eex day, Allison returns to the motel and confronts Hector over the previous night, javoc he responds by saying he didn't do anything wrong, that he only did what fulll and Emily asked him to do. At that moment, a woman shows up at the door, surprising Allison, much to the amusement of Hector, who mocks Allison for thinking he had feelings for her, and calling her a poser who only knows how to play games and nothing about the realities of gang life. The same day, Emily is shown at a police station, accusing Hector and his crew of gang rape.

Allison is brought in for questioning, but claims to know nothing about a rape. Hector is subsequently arrested, and members of his crew vow to seek out and silence Allison and Emily, but wind up getting lost in Bel-Air. Meanwhile, Toby and his gang are shown posing with guns in front of Eric and his video camera, making clear their intent on seeking revenge on Hector's crew.

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