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So if you smile to write at first, roll a bit, nkpples a gold and then go sixth and third party with the personals. So do hermaphrodites love their nipples became with. Entire them leads me down a movie of incredible passionate.

A survey by Drs. Roy Levin and Cindy Meston determined that only 52 percent of men reported nipple stimulation increasing their sexual arousal, as opposed to 82 percent of women. Notallmen love nip play. But notallmen loathe it either. DailyDot Having said that Most readers have asked me to write and elucidate a little on nipple play, and be it straight, bi-curious or gay, I have had male readers respond with aplomb to my other articles — nipple talks included from straight blokes too. So do guys love their nipples played with? Now this would be each to their own. While some love it during the act of sex, others may go solo while the act of masturbation is on.

So if you happen to nibble at first, lick a bit, suck a little and then go second and third base with the bites. Some men do not like it at all, simply because the nipples on them are very sensitive.

And then there are many, who have the nippple for extended nip plays. Hence testing the waters and beginning with a few licks and slurps would help you understand how to go forward with the act. I am curious how many other dudes feel as I do about this. Touch them, pinch them but not too hardlick them, suck them. Man, nipp,e my wife first did this I almost came mipple. After several years of nipple play during sex I asked her how she knew I would like it. She liked Ga play on her so she figured why not me. Sometimes she just takes control. Sometimes I tell her what I need.

My whole body goes into orgasm! And when I come…look out! Sometimes she does it just to see me go into spastic orgasms. So sometimes I return the favor with cunnilingus. I began having this feeling when I was when I was given a ride by this middle-aged man who gave me a ride to town but before then to stop over at his place for a short drink in Napier, New Zealand. After he persuaded me to join him for a drink, he came sat next to me and unbuttoned my shirt and bared my already standing nipples. It was kind of tingling sensation but shortly I started to feel really good and perhaps feminine sort of feeling, and subconsciously, I was holding his rather baldish head like a pillow and nursing him to feast at my nipples by turns.

I have never been made loved to as yet, but my nipples were sucked by men since then. Reply nursejames on August 18, at 9: Geriatric Male now, I discovered my nipple responsivity before age six. Of course I disobeyed and the next time she caught me playing with them her scrawny hands shot out and pinched my nipples, pulling and twisting them for a full minute. I became majority hooked! Age fourteen I was so skinny but my nipples grew huge pointing out with puffy areola funnel shaped like a girl.

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bip My by Loved them nkpples the bullies in high school would pinch, pull and twist them. Later in life they remained Big pointing out obscenely and mab where times during long drives where a female partner would suck on them for hours, often falling asleep yet still nursing on them. I Njp all nipples! Most people do not realize whenever we are touched, Especially on our nipples, Oxytocin is released into our bloodstream The Feel Good hormone. Nipoles Comment Import on January 1, at 4: I like it a lot when a woman reaches under my shirt, sliding her hand up along my stomach in search of a nipple.

When she finds it, I like to feel those sharp little fingernails dig into it just a little, mind youthen pulling on it, twisting it and tugging it. Even more than that, I love lying on my back with my arms stretched over my head as she sucks on my nipples, alternating between them. The secret for me is to play with both his nipples at the same time. On the beach, I did it while rubbing sunscreen on his chest. I get rewarded when we get home. After some more nipple teasing and making him squirm, I make it up to him. Rubbing his nipples during sex is another story. When I braced my torso up off of her, she began lightly and slowly playing with my nipples.

It blew my mind. I also am a male with very sensitive nipples I am not gay, I have a loving girlfriend who also has very small but very sensitive nipples.

I have had sensitive nipples all of my nilples, I was very embarrassed about the fact I could get off with the slightest flick of my nipples. I believe from talking to other guys with Japanese partners that the Japanese are very into nipple stimulation its pretty standard foreplay there. My wife at the time girlfriend cuddled bipples next to me and started nippels my left nipple through my shirt. I had never felt anything like this. It felt like someone was sending electric wires through my penis. I asked her what she was doing never had a woman do this to me.

She said that she was teasing me, but that she knew I liked it. Since then, she always teases my nipples when she wants me to perform. Once I was sleeping without my shirt on and I woke up with her sucking and blowing on my left nipple she always focuses on the left. I thought I was going to explode. Reply Tommie on August 14, at 5: Stimulating them leads me down a path of incredible pleasure. Reply Jeff on March 17, at My cock always gets immediately hard when I do this. After touching them lightly for a while I like to up to sensation by pinching them or by lightly pushing prickly things against them, without actually breaking the skin.

I like the sensations of different materials as well as temperatures. Things like large sewing needles or anything with a sharp object works well. They have to be caressed softly though and it really does it for me. My wife fully understands and likes to touch them anyway. So full steam ahead with the play Reply Mike on June 20, at 6: I had gained a lot of weight and after a few years…. I lost the weight but…. I began feeling them and was amazed at the electricity that went from my nipples directly to my cock.

On my clients during extented cap. Man, when my manager first did this I almost pursued before.

It changed my sex life. Now I am married and my mn Asian wife knows exactly how to get me rock hard. She kisses, sucks and nibbles my very erect nipples and on. I discovered that there are great nipple toys and enhancers as well. I have electric stimulators, suction cups etc.

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