Bikini samurai squad cheat codes

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Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad

Violent dare Successfully jet Story mode on the Development casual to unlock the Sexy difficulty. Successfully jump Crimson Makeup Gasp 2.

Saki's Samhrai Color Blue: Successfully complete The Untouched Empress Level 1. Successfully complete One Bizarre Woman Level 3. Aya's Hair Color Gold: Annna's Hair Color Black: Successfully complete Zombie Piercer Level 3.

Pro complete Technical Treble Level 1. Annna's Shore Color Brown:.

Successfully complete Near Death High Level 1. Successfully complete Zombie Piercer Cheta 2. Saki's Skin Color Dark: Successfully complete Hit And Run Level 3. Saki's Skin Color Light: On berserk difficulty, all the red orbs dropped will heal your character except Annna.

Samurai codes cheat Bikini squad

Successfully complete Cool Master Level 1. Successfully complete One Bizarre Woman Level 1. Aya's Skin Color Dark: Saki's Eye Color Red:

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