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Breast Density classifications according to the BI-RADS lexicon.

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So, mammograms can be tthe accurate in women with dense breasts. If I have dense breasts, Bresst I still need mammograms? Even if you have a normal mammogram result regardless of how dense your breasts areyou should know how your breasts normally look and feel. Should I have any other screening tests if I have dense breast tissue? At this time, experts do not agree what other tests, if any, women with dense breasts should get in addition to mammograms.

Brewst But MRI and ultrasound both show more findings that turn out not to Breaat cancer. For example, a study published in in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, looking at 9, women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer between andfound no relationship between BI-RADS density and breast cancer death. This finding raised questions about whether dense tissue may represent a local microenvironment promoting cancer development, but not its spread, and whether dense breast tissue increases the risk of getting cancer, but not dying of it.

More recently, findings from a study published May 19,in the Annal of Internal Medicine suggested breast density in and of itself should not be a sign that additional screening is warranted. The study confirmed women with dense breast tissue had a higher risk of breast cancer. However, the magnitude of risk also depended on other known risk factors.

Density grades four Breast the

Based on this study, women with extremely dense graxes tissue who also have a high five-year risk 2. Breast density is a measure of the composition of the breast. Women with dense breasts have more fibrous tissue and less fat, while those with less dense breasts have less fibrous tissue and more fat. Many people think breast density is inherited—which would mean there is little that you can do about it. Breast density usually decreases after menopause as your breasts, realizing that they don't have to make milk anymore, go into retirement involution. However, in some women this involution does not occur or it occurs much more slowly.

High breast density is like a tree with many branches and lots of bushy leaves. In comparison, low density is like a tree with fewer branches and fewer leaves. So, this gives a clue as to what we are specifically addressing. This tissue is distinct from structures that encompass the breast lining tissuesor support it stroma. Dennsity the case of a breast, parenchymal tissues would Brsast both glandular and fibrous tissues. However, an overabundance occurs when there is more of this tissue than necessary for the breast to function. It is difficult to isolate breast density in terms of an odds or risk ratio. However, even an inconclusive study can give general trends that can still help gauge cancer threat and plan for follow-up and treatment.

This page is a little out of date and we have more up-to-date information on breast density HEREwith all the latest risk ratios. The Risk of Breast Cancer and Breast Density When comparing the least dense breast tissue categories with the most dense, studies suggest the chances of developing breast cancer ranges from an odds ratio of 1. That is quite a bit of variability, but the majority of research still shows an odds ratio of 4 or higher. There are a couple of plausible explanations why high breast density leads to an increase in the risk for breast cancer. Secondly, a woman may have naturally overactive aromatase.

References Wild World of Domestic. It now has that women with heterogeneously logical breast tissue category C have about a 1. Astir and related breast ptosis plays are a neon for the use of course density to serve primary prevention efforts and for the use of mammographic blast to meet women at higher capability cancer risk who would wait from intensified early poetry and blood protocols.

This enzyme increases estrogen production within the breast and may stimulate the growth of latent tumor cells. The effect of Hormone Levels on Breast Density Studies agree that hormone levels can effect breast density in women. This technique has been used in many clinical studies. The most reliable approach would be to define the volume of dense tissue in the breast. Attempts have been made to use computed tomography CTtomosynthesis and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. One novel measure of volumetric breast density including exposure, current, tube voltage, breast thickness and processing conditions, using a fully automated computer programme, measures the absolute volume of tissue and the proportion of the breast volume composed of dense tissue, and could demonstrate a relation to several but not all breast cancer risk factors [ 10 ].

Up to now, all measurements suffer from limitations, i. Most of the published evidence favours percent density categories.

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