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The site currently has a global Alexa ranking of 75, and is ranked 29 in India and 98 in the US. Inright holders in Italy, through cooperation with the fiscal police GDFwere successful torretns getting the site blocked by all Hentaai ISPs. They provide api to get list of all torrents on the website. However, the domain was seized by the Somalian registry and the site subsequently hopped to Kickass. Users can also submit requests for new torrents and achievements of users are highlighted on the achievement page encouraging more participation.

The site derives revenue from advertising and affiliate agreements, some with companies that produce software designed to hide users of BitTorrent from detection by ISPs and monitoring companies. Current up to date mirror is kat. The site is one of the most popular BitTorrent sites, benefitting from an increasing number of visitors when ThePirateBay was offline for 2 months. Due to domain seizure possibilities they have moved from multiple domains and finally settling in. In Novemberthe site moved to Kickass.

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Hentak The website is also available in around 45 Languages making it easy for non english readers to access the content. They have more than 10 million torrents and more added daily. Update Kickass torrents has been shutdown and its founder is arrested.

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