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Stitch these Xxd beautiful pillows designed to learn Beginner's Hardanger! Have samplerz fun learning new stitches with Thea's informal Youtube Videos. Enjoy stitching these two heartfelt ornaments, each a special memory in my heart! One ornament shows a quilter putting in just ONE more stitch on her beautiful Christmas quilt - on a tiny Gingerbread stocking. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to enjoy stitching with others and view our Stitch and Finishing Videos!

This full kit fleets the Leaflet, Accessory Demise, Bread Pack with needles with starry tea-dyeing commitments. Available as a sale Kit Also!.

No Finishing fabric included in this Kit. Decorate your home with this lovely vifeo of fun times past, present or yet to come! Frame it as a lovely gift to give to your own fine-feathered friends! The secret is the double jointed pivot arm. This Cross Stitched scene is so much fun to stitch.

Learn how to work specialty stitches of the featured design, and our great finishing techniques to make Thea's designs come alive. The new little Gingerbread Flower Shop looks positively European with its striped awnings and colourful floral display! So open wide the doorway

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