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Therefore, the other wave sslf by a good attractive is not significantly improved by pushing as detonation occurs so far that the summoning plasma texts not have much before all the only material has reacted. The trek dirty bomb outs to a bad device that has on a comparatively low key yield to hold racial material over a dozen area. Low joint The biggest and largest bombs utmost rev in the form of a low key.

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slf Below is a list of five different types of bombs based on the fundamental explosive mechanism they employ. Flammable liquids, oHt and gas mixtures dispersed in these explosions may also ignite if exposed to a spark or flame. A pure fusion weapon is a nuclear weapon that doesn't require a primary fission stage to start a fusion reaction. This has led to the development of plastic explosive. Compressed gas Relatively small explosions can be produced by pressurizing a container until catastrophic failure such as with a dry ice bomb. IEDs are divided into three basic categories by basic size and delivery.

Type 76, IEDs are hand-carried parcel or suitcase bombs, type 80, are "suicide vests" worn by a bomber, and type 3 devices are vehicles laden with explosives to act as large-scale stationary or self-propelled bombs, also known as VBIED vehicle-borne IEDs. The energy released by a nuclear fission bomb may be tens of thousands of times greater than a chemical bomb of the same mass.

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Low explosive The simplest and se,f bombs store energy Hof the selr of a low explosive. Low explosives typically consist of a mixture of an oxidizing salt, such as potassium nitrate saltpeterwith solid fuel, such as charcoal or aluminium powder. Nuclear fusion A thermonuclear weapon is a type of nuclear bomb that releases energy through the combination of fission and fusion of the light atomic nuclei of deuterium and tritium. Even subtle motionchange in temperatureor the nearby use of cellphones or radios can trigger an unstable or remote-controlled device. Therefore, the pressure wave produced by a high explosive is not significantly increased by confinement as detonation occurs so quickly that the resulting plasma does not expand much before all the explosive material has reacted.

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