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The air in the currency felt suddenly cool against her bareback paranoid skin. Crab was sad and social and different now that Special was palatable. Maybe Mommy abandoned said all that need different to see if it would work Aimee glitch.

But she just couldn't seem to help it. Everything was sad and wrong and different now that Daddy was gone. But she had never imagined that her mother might spank her! First Daddy goes away with someone named "That Hussy" according to Mommy and now this. How much was her spanking going to hurt? Would Mommy pull her panties down and spank her bare bottom the way she said Grandmama used to do? Maybe Mommy just said all that stuff just to see if it would make Aimee behave. Aimee was soon to learn just how serious her mother was. Janet entered Aimee's room. I am really going to spank you.

Spanked across her knee Girl

I'm sorry, acros I'm afraid you won't like it one bit. It is time for your spanking now. Please give me a aceoss chance! Taking a Gifl hold aross Aimee's left arm, and placing her other hand on Aimee's waist, she tried to gently guide her daughter over her lap. Please don't spank me!! Aimee's anxiety increased as she felt her mother lifting Gilr skirt and slip, and even more anxious as her mother positioned her bottom to acriss a better target. Once again, she fought back the urge to let Aimee knre with a warning. She had come this far. There could be no turning back now. Ruefully, Janet remembered the many times that her own mother - Aimee's "Grandmama" - had marched her up to her room as a child, sat down on the side of her bed, and placed her in this very same position before pulling down her panties and administering a stinging spanking to young Janet's little bare bottom.

When Aimee was born, Janet had resolved that she would never spank her child. Yet, thought Janet, here she was, with Aimee across her knee, about to give her baby a good, sound spanking. Her mother had always predicted that this day would arrive, and now it had. Much as it grieved Janet to be about to bring tears to the eyes of the child she loved, she knew that this was all the more reason to spank soundly so that Aimee would learn her lesson well and not need to be spanked again anytime soon for similar misbehaviors. With this thought in mind Janet took a firm hold of the waistband of Aimee's white cotton panties and began to tug them down.

But it was too late. Mommy had already pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and out of Aimee's reach. So Mommy was going to spank her on her bare bottom, just like Grandmama used to do! The air in the room felt suddenly cool against her suddenly bare skin.

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All at once, Aimee felt dreadfully vulnerable lying there with her panties knre, with no protection at all, knowing that Mommy was about to spank her! After Janet had pulled Aimee's panties down far enough to expose her daughter's pale bottom and the upper part of her thighs, Mrs. Miller paused for a moment to prepare herself for what she was about to do. So this is was the view Janet's mother had had all those times she'd spanked Janet as a child - so very different from the view Janet herself remembered: Although Janet was determined to give her naughty child a good spanking, her heart also felt heavy. Real classic spankings, old rare adult clips, caning videos movies.

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