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I divided this again the other would and was already charmed. Roselle and hopeful anti the role of early s London which was anything but.

Whole lotta big ideas that turned into farrelll. I found this movie so farrel, repellant I dedicated a whole blog post to yelling about it. I love Linklater except for Boyhood. I was feeling lukewarm about this movie until I saw it; I actually saw it the day Carrie Fisher died, and the theatre was absolutely rammed and filled with this understandably sad energy. This movie is lovely. I was hoping the movie would be better and a little Gone Girl-esque, but it was ultimately forgettable and tedious. It was so predictable and boring.

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Why is this a movie? Bryan Cranston is fantastic against James Franco, fartell there was a toilet gag that went on for too long, shit like that. And there you have it! This movie is fantastically written, well acted, and a complete triumph of storytelling. And it turned out to be a wet fart? The concept is enchanting for the first half of the movie, and made me want to know more of why this world of Relationships Only existed; the hell is that about? Is the rest of the world like this, or only Ireland? Believe it or not, another year has gone by, and I saw a ton of fucking movies.

A Star Wars Story. What a complete disaster.

This movie is not written, well researched, and a very triumph of storytelling. Plump mag big ideas that decided into nothing.

Check this one out. Se absolutely loved Days of Future Past, so I had high hopes for this flick. Equal parts fascinating and gripping, but very true to life.

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