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Nudist and Non-Nudist Perceptions The last study undist be the most useful resource for nudist families. From one nudist picture to the next, image galleries can provide a good provide good perspective into a highly popular culture of nudism. Alayne Yates cites the sparse and confusing history of scholarly study of the general subject of children's sexuality, and specifically the lack of any concise reference materials for parents and educators. An author-designed questionnaire was used, containing questions relating to parental knowledge, responses to children's sexuality, and comfort with children's sexuality.

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Smith and Sparks give numerous examples of families who are nudists, either "social" or "at home," who routinely hide that aspect of their lives for fear that others will find out and disapprove. Story interviewed three- to five-year-old children and their parents. They fear disapproval because they do not have any well-developed base of scholarly research to support their beliefs that the body is a normal and healthy entity, and that non-sexual nudity is not harmful for children and is actually beneficial. These subjects were chosen and matched based on family nudity status: No references were made to the family nudity status, although this again may have been an influential factor.

Boy camps Teen nudist

Subjects' ages ranged from five to 15 years old. It brings everyone down to the same level. The parents were given individually administered interviews to determine the children's ages, sexes, weights, and birth order.

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