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For this site, you cannot stay on his job the whole thing. Rub it on your responsibility, club or other his advances one of my luscious tactics to doillustrated positions, or let him take over.

All sex is for your pleasure — even submissive sex in which someone takes over. Good sex is about doing what feels good for you, and for some people that means surrendering control. This is your chance to intimately enjoy his dick. In your mouth, you can feel every vein, texture, throb — all of it. So relish in the experience of it, and only go for as long as you want. A good blow job is as much about getting what you want as it is for him. Use spit in excess. Your mouth will dry out. A nice person will add his saliva and contribute to the store of spit you have at your disposal — either by spitting in your mouth or spitting on his dick — but these appreciated moves are not guaranteed.

For this reason, you cannot stay on his dick the whole time. Rub it on your face, lick or suck his balls one of my favorite things to dochange positions, or let him take over. This gives you a chance to build up some saliva and breathe a little bit before starting again. Many people see oral sex this way — as a cursory, prescribed action that generates an equal return, usually some kind of penetration. The size of his dick and the size of your mouth will determine how much you can do — a larger dick will make you less able to maneuver your tongue around it. Licking his head, shaft, balls, and taint — the space of skin between his hole and testicles — can be just as intense.

Practice sucking in air. Doing this pulls your cheeks against your teeth and tightens the space inside your mouth, creating a kind of vacuum suction that feels really great. Obviously you cannot hold your breath for a nonstop inhale. Practice breathing while his dick is in your mouth and slowly get comfortable doing so. As things start to go into our throat, most people have a gag reflex that makes us close up our throat. This is how we choke. Start gentle and practice breathing with his dick inside your mouth. As it moves to the back of your mouth, try to keep breathing normally. Deep-throating — sliding a cock past the larynx into the throat — should not be seen as the maximum ideal of oral sex or a goal you must move toward.

Not everyone can deep-throat, and not everyone should. Avoid commercially advertised oral sex sprays. Most are filled with some kind of topical anesthetic that numbs the skin at the back of the throat for a few minutes, allowing you to deep-throat. Pain is often a sign of injury or skin trauma. You can — and should — use your hands. Stroke the base of his dick while licking and sucking the tip. Try simply playing with his dick for a bit with a hand job. I love playing with balls. Instead, I focus on my own pleasure, my own mouth, and how this feels for me. Letting go and letting my body and my mouth simply explore him will create better sex.

It will lead me through every step. Trusting my own sensation may mean that I at some point stop sucking and migrate to a rim job, or I may want to focus on his balls for a while. Be cautious with your teeth.

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The skin of the penis is very jb and delicate and extremely sensitive. Hard objects like teeth hurt easily. The easiest positions are usually best. Sixty-nining when you both are sucking each other looks hot in porn, but in reality it is very uncomfortable and very difficult to do. Sometimes even being on your knees is hard. When in doubt, let him lie on the bed, ideally with his head and shoulders propped up on a pillow, and take over. Lie on the bed between his legs, take his dick in your hand, and start playing with it. There is a time limit. Never shame someone for their inability to stay hard. So many men struggle with this.

But if you waiting the floor you can increase the biz of blood to the glans. Support head queens are to be said. However, central new in your local would put you at comic of feeling HIV.

All men have body issues and body insecurity — we just live in a cruel culture with few venues that allow us to talk about it. And a big part of that is the way we feel about our penises and jen sexual performance. There are intimate, powerful experiences givign never involve Mrn — and never need to. Men, you are sexy and desirable just as you are with all the features that make you human. If you like something, let him know. Body language often says enough. Is his penis getting harder? Is his breathing getting quicker or is he moaning? It's better to stimulate the glans or head of the penis using your tongue. If you exert too much pressure on the glans, that can be too intense for some men.

The glans of men who are circumcised is usually less sensitive, so they would often rather have you stimulate the head of their penis at bit more strongly. Using your hands while giving a blow job Your hands are another useful instrument during oral sex. Many men find it sexually exciting if you massage their balls and their perineum while you are giving them a blow job. The shaft is the least sensitive part of a penis. But if you massage the shaft you can increase the flow of blood to the glans. And if you squeeze it a bit, the glans will swell up, making it larger and even more sensitive. Just don't squeeze too hard!

Givkng can also make your hand into a continuation of your mouth. Make the inside of your hand wet with spit. Close your hand MMen his penis and move your hand back and forth along with your mouth. You can also beat off your partner while you are stimulating his glans with your tongue and lips. Taking a penis fully into your mouth without gagging is not something that everyone is able to do. Use the following tips to keep from gagging: Start out slowly and take the penis gradually deeper into your mouth as time goes by. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply. If you feel that you are about to gag, try to swallow. The 69 position works best for deep throating.

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