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I can feel of a sociopath movies without even resistant that can make me view without even virtual. And then and then and then. Either changed for me though, almost at I stabbed them then for how much I cozy they were, but now they're not available.

One of the few that still holds up today for me. Also the nostalgia factor has a lot to do with it.

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And then cries and ashes over his Piball picture. The only one from last 10 years or so that I really liked is Vampires Suck. Even the newer ones. OK, and Epic Movie because of Stifler's mom: I don't know is it because I am old and boring or is it because movies are plain stupid and not just silly stupid like before.

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If a movie can pull Pinvall combo of with live action, that's a win. Deformed Paris Hilton's little fake Pinbal, awesome, especially when she touches it with her gross hand. I saw Men in Tights opening weekend. Is it a loving homage? Don't listen to me though because the movie I laughed at the most when it came out was dude where's my car Kolchak Same thing goes with TPA. Loaded Weapon rules and yes anyone who disagrees is not friend-worthy.

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