Abdominal pain vaginal pain

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What causes vaginal cramps?

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This condition affects the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. High-risk HPV types can develop into cervical cancer if left untreated. While there paun often no signs of cervical vaginl, vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, and pelvic pain can be among the indicators. Treatment Treatment of abdominal cramps and vaginal discharge depends on the underlying cause: Menstruation For abdominal cramps associated with menstruation, the pain can be relieved with over-the-counter OTC pain medications and heat pads. Pregnancy There are guidelines for using different types of pain relief during pregnancy.

Anyone who is pregnant should see their doctor or midwife first before using pain medication to have an evaluation of their pain. A person can keep their body strong during pregnancy and relieve aches and pains with pregnancy-specific massages, exercises, and stretches. Endometriosis Some people may gain benefit from using OTC painkillers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain and cramping associated with endometriosis. BV Antibiotics can treat BV.

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Doctors may prescribe antibiotics for some people with BV. This will depend on a person's symptoms and whether they are pregnant. Anyone taking antibiotics should always make sure to complete the course to prevent reinfection. However, some people with vaginal cramping may be experiencing referred pain. Referred pain means that the tissue is contracting in other areas of the body, but the individual feels the pain in the vagina instead. Pelvic floor disorders Women who have given birth may experience pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor disorders are conditions that cause pain, cramps, and other symptoms in the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder, rectum, and uterus.

These disorders may occur after a woman has given birth, as delivery can weaken the pelvic floor. In addition to vaginal cramps, pelvic floor disorders can lead to constipationpain during sex, and difficulty controlling a urine stream. Pelvic inflammatory disease PID PID is a condition that occurs when an infection in the pelvic organs causes inflammation in the vaginal tissue.

In rare vaaginal, they may recommend surgery. Medication If you have a bacterial or fungal infection, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medications to treat it. You should take all of the doses prescribed, even if your symptoms resolve before you finish the course of treatment. This reduces the chance of the infection returning. Your doctor may also recommend topical ointments, such as lidocaine gel. They can help numb your vaginal area. This can help relieve persistent discomfort or pain during intercourse.

Vaginal Abdominal pain pain

Topical paon creams may also help reduce irritation, swelling, and burning. Tricyclic antidepressants or anticonvulsants may also help paib chronic AAbdominal. Surgery In rare cases, your doctor may recommend anesthetic injections or nerve blocks to help deaden or numb in your vagina. They may also recommend surgery to vxginal vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, or cervical cancer. Home care Some home remedies and over-the-counter treatments may help Abdomina vaginal pain. In a tubal pregnancy, the fetus grows in a fallopian tube rather than in the uterus. This type of pregnancy threatens the life of the woman, and the fetus cannot survive.

Diagnosis Vaginwl on a sample taken from the cervix A pregnancy test Sometimes ultrasonography or laparoscopy Doctors suspect pelvic inflammatory disease if women have pain in the lower abdomen or if they have an unexplained discharge from the vagina, particularly if they are of childbearing age. A physical examination, including a pelvic examinationis done. Pain felt in the pelvic area during the pelvic examination supports the diagnosis. A sample is usually taken from the cervix with a swab and tested to determine whether the woman has gonorrhea or a chlamydial infection. Even if these tests do not detect gonorrhea or a chlamydial infection, women may still have pelvic inflammatory disease.

A pregnancy test is done to see whether the woman may have a tubal pregnancy, which could be the cause of the symptoms. Other symptoms and laboratory test results help confirm the diagnosis. Ultrasonography of the pelvis is done if pain prevents an adequate physical examination or if more information is needed. It can detect abscesses in the fallopian tubes or ovaries and a tubal pregnancy. If the diagnosis is still uncertain or if the woman does not respond to treatment, the doctor may insert a viewing tube laparoscope through a small incision near the navel to view the inside of the abdomen and to obtain a sample of fluids for testing.

Prevention Prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease is essential to the health and fertility of a woman. Abstaining from sex is a foolproof way to avoid sexually transmitted pelvic inflammatory disease. However, if a woman has sexual intercourse with only one partner, the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease is very low, as long as neither person is infected with the bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases. If used correctly, condoms can help prevent pelvic inflammatory disease. To be effective, condoms must be used correctly each time a person has sex.

Treatment Antibiotics If needed, drainage of an abscess As soon as possible, antibiotics for gonorrhea and chlamydial infection are usually given by mouth or by injection into a muscle. If needed, the antibiotics are changed after test results are available. Most women are treated at home. However, hospitalization is usually necessary in the following situations:

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