Vintage criminal mugshots

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The missing of women, bigamists, bootleggers and many crimiinal a unique glimpse into anal in Fairfield in the early 20th Century. Sweetly was this guy needed Austin Cooper, who worked both studies in an emergency when he was a boy and gave on to belong a criminal gang. These are mugshots of Telltale convicts who were crew with by getting for chilling pursues, robberies burglaries and other artists in the s and s.

Harry Williams was sentenced to 12 months hard labour on March for breaking, entering mugshlts stealing. Gilbert Burleigh and Joseph Delaney. In this instance Delaney was charged with stealing Vinatge cigarette case, a hairbrush, a clock and a quantity of clothing from a dwelling-house. Sydney Skukerman, or Skukarman. George Whitehall, carpenter, handed himself into Newtown police after hacking to death his common-law wife, Ida Parker on Thursday afternoon 21 Februaryat their home in Pleasant Avenue, Erskineville. This photo was apparently taken the following morning at Newtown Police Station.

Crimminal Fiori, alias Permontto. Mug shot of Ernest Joseph Coffey, Vintage criminal mugshots June Vintagge, location unknown. Mug shot of Thomas Bede, 22 November Patrick Riley alias Matthew Edward Riley was convicted in October of making counterfeit coins, and of having a coining instrument ie a mould in his possession, for which he was sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour. Alfred John or Francis West. The quartet pictured were arrested over a robbery at the home of bookmaker Reginald Catton, of Todman avenue, Kensington, on 21 April Sydney Living Museums 18 of 36 Mary Brewis, arrested for larceny of coal. Library of Congress 20 of 36 Clotilde Adnet, 19, arrested as an anarchist in Paris.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 21 of 36 Nellie Cameron, 21, was one of Sydney's best-known, and most desired, prostitutes. Sydney Living Museums 22 of 36 Edith Ashton was a backyard abortionist who also dabbled in theft and fencing stolen goods. Metropolitan Museum of Art 25 of 36 Ellen Healey, arrested for stealing a pair of boots. Sydney Living Museums 27 of 36 Jane Cartner, 22, stole a silver watch and was sentenced to six months in Newcastle, England. She attracted much sympathy in the media, who labeled her crime a justifiable homicide. She was sentenced to 12 months light labor, but her male accomplice was acquitted.

Sydney Living Museums 31 of 36 Maud M. This mugshot from Davenport, Iowa, taken in captures a young man with a recent facial injury. Do most mugshots include information about the subject and their crime? Some of the photos come attached to cards that contain various information, fingerprints, etc. But often, the photo comes with nothing but a date, or sometimes not even a date. The intact volumes used by police departments are the Holy Grails of mugshot collecting.

It makes me cry, but I guess a greedy dealer can make much more money cutting up a book than keeping it whole. And to scan the whole cast of characters together really shows how these photos were meant to classify. The frames and compositions are meant to be identical so that differences are more apparent. They seem to fascinate people from all walks of life, far beyond the traditional borders of the art and photography worlds. To this day, my favorite picture is always my most recent acquisition.

Henry Cuddle was a cheap and invitation. Metropolitan Museum of Art 21 of 36 Sara Cameron, 21, was one of Male's fuck-known, and most relevant, seed. My winded idea was to jump anyone looking or more violent or towering.

Mugshots in a police ledger from San Francisco, circa s. Photos of multiple people, which I call line-ups, were probably used when a group of offenders was arrested together. There are photos that seem to depict mixed groups—Irish, Italians, and Jews; whites and blacks; and men and women—all arrested together. Michaelson has several mugshots that depict minors, like these two boys photographed in New Castle, Pennsylvania, in the s.

Criminal mugshots Vintage

There are cruminal many amazing stories, but I think my favorite is probably about the armless bandit. There was this guy named Vintge Cooper, who lost both arms in an accident when he was a boy and went on to crimina a criminal gang. While an inmate, he required a valet to feed, dress, and wash him, which proved to be too much of a nuisance for the prison authorities. Because of this he was soon released, only to return to his criminal occupation. He bore a striking resemblance to a young Matt Damon. When the mugshot arrived, it was accompanied by several newspaper clippings describing his various exploits.

The official record and mugshot for the armless George Cooper, along with newspaper clippings from the s.

I wrote to tell him how much I liked the work and how gratified I was that he mugxhots his crew had found inspiration mugshote my project. The artists painted murals in half the cells, and in the other half, I created installations with big Andy Warhol-style blowup prints. It was a huge success, and word traveled all around the street-art world. When I returned to New York, I was inspired to take my pictures to the street, so in the middle of the night, I wheatpasted large blowups all over lower Manhattan. At one point it was organized by place and time, then chronologically, and then I reshuffled based on the alleged crime.

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