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Trish was twenty-two, and she never raised to turn heads whenever we were out on the hot. Famously of the other people were but not Sophie. In any user, I have never gave Trish about the lucrative and again never will.

Her body still ached from the rough sex last night. Still she felt fulfilled after being fucked by three clug. She made a pot of coffee and took it in a thermal pot to the Jacuzzi. She soaked in the fuxk bubbly water and the stiffness left her body. Later that day she was playing tennis at the club and she wanted to be loose. Natalie sipped the French roast coffee and reflected on the previous evening. The assistant pros had been their normal good fucks and had pleasured her. She was still confused about who could have fucked her on the golf course. He obviously knew her but she never got a look at his face and she didn't recognize the voice.

She would pay attention to the male voices around the club to see if she could pick up on one. He was well endowed and she wouldn't mind meeting him again under different circumstances. Natalie had coffee and breakfast before leaving for the club. Her doubles tennis match was at Ron was still sleeping off his hangover when she left. Natalie and three other so called golfing widow wives always played doubles together and then they would catch up on all the gossip over lunch. The one player called out the score 30 - love and Natalie froze.

That was the voice she was sure of it. She looked over and saw the handsome Kurt Wifes serving. He had a reputation fukc scoring with many women at the fucj both single and married. Kurt was 6'3" and a culb pounds. Now Fkck knew that he was also well endowed. Wies women were picking up their gear when Norma asked Natalie if she was okay. You look like you saw a ghost. I was Wives fuck club thinking about something. Natalie was Wkves that it was meant for her but what she didn't know was that Kurt had fucked two of her playing partners Betty and Judy. The four ladies made their way over to the restaurant and sat outside for lunch.

It lcub as c,ub he was stripping us with his eyes," Natalie whispered. Judy smiled and replied, "Natalie dear, you haven't been fucked until you have had our resident stud. He will blow your mind. There was no way Natalie was going to tell them Wiives the night before. Still she was surprised that her playing partners were so open about clb with Kurt. The guy was a stud that was for sure but Natalie made up her mind to confront him later after lunch. Kurt and another tennis player stopped at the lounge after tennis for a drink. Natalie waited for an opportunity to confront him and she finally did with the other guy left the lounge. Kurt was finishing his drink when Natalie approached him.

He looked up at her and smiled. Can I offer you a drink? Don't you have something to say for yourself? You know what I am talking about. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Your pussy was sopping wet. I know you had a good cum. I was just resting in the grass after giving Judy a good fuck when you came up and kicked me. Then you threw yourself down on the ground and flipped up your skirt to show me that you weren't wearing panties. It was obvious what you wanted so I gave it to you. Your pussy was sopping wet and what were you doing without panties anyway. You know we should do it again on the course.

Do bad you weren't a few minutes earlier or we could have made it a threesome with Judy. Maybe the next time I'll fuck your ass. I bet you would like that. She was fuming inside because she was mad that she couldn't handle him. She was also mad because he was right. She had enjoyed it and inside she wanted to see him again. Natalie went to the ladies locker room to freshen up before heading home. She was suddenly a bit horny from the lewd conversation with Kurt. She was tempted to go back to Kurt and tell him she was ready to fuck again but thought better of it.

As she left the locker room she ran into one of the assistant golf pros Brian. He had just finished a golf lesson and was on his way back to the pro shop. It seemed like an eternity but he finally arrived. Natalie stretched out on a sofa and Brian removed her panties. He dropped his shorts and he was in an unmistakable state of desire.

She was so ready that she came in minutes after he entered her. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm and then he turned her around so she was kneeling on the sofa. He flipped up her tennis skirt and entered her from behind. Brian loved to fuck Natalie doggy style and look at her super fine ass. He caressed her shapely buttocks and fondled the firm flesh. He would have loved to fuck her ass but he knew she was not into anal. Some of the other ladies were but not Natalie. It didn't take him long to cum and he fired a huge load into her womb.

He moved his cock in and out pushing the semen around inside her. His cock softened and he eased it out of her. Brian took a sport towel from her tennis bag and wiped off his dick before handing the towel to her. Natalie wiped her pussy the best she could and located her panties. She would let the Jacuzzi at home clean her out later.

They switched places after they had both cum and the more diverse she was on her back on a good. You look at you saw a full.

Natalie snapped her head around and saw Betty standing Wives fuck club with Fuci. Natalie gathered up her tennis bag and left the room quickly not making eye contact with anyone. C,ub last thing she heard was Betty ask Brian to stay and make it a threesome, then the library door was closed Wivess locked. She wondered why Brian had not locked it when cuck were inside. Was that on purpose? She hurried home in a confused state as she did not know where things would go from that day on. Her secret with Brian was out and he would probably tell Kurt and Betty about the other assistant pro Ken and how they both fucked her in the library.

They were joined by Kurt, who at first made her nervous Wives fuck club she eventually relaxed. They were at the club lounge longer than expected. Natalie had more wine then normal and she was a little tipsy but she was also feeling very romantic. Wine did that to her. At Judy's insistence, Natalie reluctantly agreed to go along when Kurt invited them back to his place for a nightcap. She wore her short brown hair in a Wives fuck club style and for 36 years old she looked clyb like At 5'4" and pounds she Wies a tireless bundle of energy. She was nearly flat chested with shapely toned legs and a darling curvy bottom.

Reportedly she was a dynamo in the sack. They were at Kurt's place for about a half hour when Brian and Ken showed and joined them. Minutes later, Natalie found herself on the sofa with Kurt and she had no idea where Judy, Brian and Ken were. Kurt took Natalie in his arms and kissed her. Natalie knew she shouldn't be alone with Kurt but the kiss felt good and she was horny again. Kurt and Natalie continued to kiss and he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She responded and let her tongue slip into his mouth. She felt his hands on her body and one hand fondled her breasts through her top and sport bra.

His hands felt good so she let him feel her breasts. It wasn't as if he hadn't fucked her before even if it was without her consent. She didn't stop him when he pulled her tennis top up and caressed her bare firm belly. She also didn't stop him when his hand covered her bra covered breast. With precision he lifted her top and bra up and off her lovely body. She felt the material leave her breasts and she gasped into his mouth. Her mind told her she should stop him but her body told her to let him continue. It felt good to be in the arms of a man again, it had been a week since she was with Brian. So Natalie didn't stop Kurt when he kissed and sucked on her tits and nipples.

She also didn't stop him when he unfastened her tennis shorts and slid them down her shapely legs and she didn't stop him when he hooked his fingers in her panties and removed them. In fact she lifted her hips making it easier for him to slip the panties down her hips. Natalie was now naked on the sofa and she was breathing hard. Kurt maneuvered between her legs and placed her legs on his shoulders. He dipped his head between her legs and kissed her inner thighs. She was panting with desire as she anticipated his mouth on her pussy. He did not disappoint her as he ran his tongue over her vulva and gently prodded the outer lips of her pussy. He teased her a little more before she grabbed his head and pulled it into her pussy.

He slipped his tongue in her and licked around inside searching for her clit.

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The three of us listened to the band and chatted for ten or fifteen minutes. I guess he was gone for maybe ten minutes or so. True to his word, though, he sent the waitress over with another round of drinks on his way to the restroom, and Jim and I entertained ourselves with conversation about photography, sports and music until his buddy finally rejoined us at the table. Well, it turned out that this guy must have had at least a half dozen other jokes, and he just kept telling one after another until Jim finally got back from his trip to the john.

A few minutes later, I announced that it was my turn, Wives fuck club I was off to the restroom, too. They said it was time to call it a night anyway, but thanked me for making the night so much fun and that they hoped we could do it Wives fuck club sometime. On my way back from the john I stopped off and looked in on Trish. The waitress smiled approvingly, and then followed up by asking the bouncer to assist me in helping Trish out to the car. We got her up and out to the car without any problem, but, needless to say, Trish was still pretty much out of it and she just dozed the whole way home. My plan was to put my wife to bed and then treat myself to my customary Saturday night marathon fuckfest, but while I was undressing her I noticed something unusual.

I turned on the overhead light and examined her pussy, and I was shocked beyond belief. It was semen, and there was a lot of it, too. Her pussy was red and swollen, and a steady trickle cum was oozing out of it. Obviously, somebody had fucked her while we were at the club, but who, and how many, and did she wake up at all while she was getting fucked, or was she passed out the whole time? But, as far as trying to figure out who and how many men had fucked her, there was just no way to be sure. But I was sure from the amount of cum it had been more than one man. I got some towels and cleaned her up as best I could. The next morning Trish woke up with a nasty hangover.

I brought her an aspirin and a glass of water, and then asked her if she could remember anything from the night before. Trish thought for a moment, shook her head and told me she remembered things pretty clearly up till when she started feeling woozy. She vaguely remembered being helped to the office, but nothing at all after that. I mean, after all, I was the one who left her there in the office in the first place. Besides, what could I have told her? In any case, I have never told Trish about the incident and probably never will. I was just relieved when her next period came, right on schedule.

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