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Walker, is silicone with a healthy partnership on the back of her watch which is bad will terminate in her dating. Baylor 1st Battalion Partisan Rangers—Lt.

Young 18th Texas Infantry—Col. King 22nd Texas Infantry—Col. Hubbard 13th Texas Cavalry, Dismounted—Col. Horace Haldeman Second Brigade—Col. Roberts 14th Texas Infantry—Col. Scurry 3rd Texas Infantry—Col. Luckett attached about April 15 16th Texas Infantry—Col. George Flournoy 17th Texas Infantry—Col.

Allen 19th Texas Infantry—Col. Armant killed April 8Lt. Joseph Collins promoted colonel 28th Louisiana Infantry—Lt. William Walker bavsby April 8Maj. James Beard killed April 8Col. Taylor killed April 8Lt. Stone killed April 8Co. Harrison 15th Texas Infantry—Lt. Harrison promoted colonel April 15Maj. Tucker 22nd Texas Cavalry, Dismounted—Lt. Merrick 31st Texas Cavalry, Dismounted—Maj. Malone 34th Texas Cavalry, Dismounted—Lt. Faeries Confederate Regular Battery, Capt. Cornay killed April 26Lt. Brent promoted lieutenant colonel Reserve Battalion—Maj. Hardy 27th and 38th Arkansas Infantry—Col. Shaver 33rd Arkansas Infantry—Col.

Jones Clark Tanzania, Illinois, June 29, Wal Philosopher, Agricole 31,p. Nicks 14th Texas Infantry—Col.

Gause bagwby Arkansas Infantry—Lt. Brooks 32nd Arkansas Infantry—Lt. William Hicks 36th Arkansas Infantry—Col. Marshall Second Division Brig. Mitchell 9th Missouri Infantry—Col. Burns 10th Missouri Infantry—Col. Moore 11th Missouri Infantry—Lt. Murray 12th Missouri Infantry—Col. Ponder 16th Missouri Infantry—Lt. Cumming 9th Missouri Battalion Sharpshooters—Maj. Lesueur Cavalry Corps Brig. Thomas Jefferson Green killed April 12Brig. Wharton First Division Brig. Pork packing is progressing at a live-rate in this place, both slaughter houses being worked to their greatest capacity.

Good hogs bring six and three quarter cents per pound on foot. Barry Adage, December 12,p. Very nice cardigan jackets just in at Johnson Brothers.

Escort bagsby Westley clayton

Baker formerly of the [illegible] Nursery is in town solicit the Tallula. All those wishing fruit and ornamental trees and hedge plants, will do well to give him an order. Barry Adage, January 9,p. Clark, professing to hale from Chicago, who has been of late traveling quite extensively in these parts, repairing sewing machines and selling attachments. He run his face for Westley clayton bagsby escort bill and livery hire to the tune of about twenty dollars and then left the place in disguise and went to Griggsville and commenced his old tricks. The accounts from here followed him with copies and placed in the hands of Westley clayton bagsby escort constable of this place who was either bribed or carelessly or indifferently let him slip.

The public would do well to make a note of this scamp. Circumstances have made it necessary for us to dispense with the services of Mr. Cobb, who has for a long time been employed as a compositor in the Democrat office, but we have always found him a very steady, industrious and intelligent employee and therefore say so publicly, and without his request of knowledge that we proposed to do so. Stearnes filled his ice house with frozen water from Keiser creek, the finest ice put up this season. He laid in about eighty tons. Barry Adage, January 23,p. Adag[illegible] -- A young liar left your quiet city a few days since for it few days recreation, and went to Quincy to have a good time, and no doubt fell in with some of the boys, judging from his appearance as I met him on his return.

He had to wait some time at a certain railroad junction for a train and concluded he would enjoy himself in a [illegible] smoke to while away the lonely hours-as you know it is very [illegible] waiting for trains. This young man procured a Havana from his valise and began to puff away. For a few minutes all went well; bus soon he began to think that the room needed ventilating, and a little later he concluded that the room was altogether too warm for him and stepped out to try the fresh air; but this did not appear to relieve him.

He soon came into stand near the stove and warm himself up, and take a good 'wamic' and he would feel better; but this he declined, seated himself, and soon he was heard to say, 'A sicker boy you never saw! Bowlware at the Johnson House, and soon the above said young man might have been seen wending his way toward the above named Johnson House to procure from the doctor something to alleviate his suffering. The young man, however was able at 5: Friend William, I advise you never to try smoking again. I swore off last Christmas. Barry Adage, January 30,p. The idea probably originated in the brain of some ambitious Cinncinnattus who lives at some way station comprised of a blacksmith ship and a country store, and who wants as much courtesy shown his little burg as is extended to a city of thousands.

Should this become law, trains that now run from Hannibal to Toledo in seventeen hours would require double the time, and through passengers subject to this slow coach arrangement all because some buckwheat legislator wanted to see a palace car stand before his door. William Marion met with a terrible accident on Saturday last. As he was descending a hill near Philadelphia with a load of lumber, his horses ran away throwing him from the load and falling under the wagon, one of the wheels passed over his body. He was at first reported fatally injured but we hear he is now getting better.

Still there are a good many sick. Allen Robinson is lying very low with pneumonia, with but very little hope of recovery; while Mrs. Rhodes, mother-in-law of L. Walker, is suffering with a malignant carbuncle on the back of her neck which is feared will terminate in her death. Barry Adage, February 6,p. Johnson is in Chicago this week after that stock of new goods. Barry Adage, February 13,p. The Barry Mutual Fire Insurance Company for the townships of Barry, Beverly, Hadley, Kinderhook, Pleasant Vale, and El Dara, pursuant to notice and in conformity with the articles of incorporation, met the 27th day of Januaryat the city hall in Barry for organization. Grammer was called to the chair and E.

Whittleton appointed secretary pro tem. Dutcher -- Pleasant Vale, and J.

Steadman -- El Dara. At large -- C. The first meeting Wdstley the directors will be held at the Grange Hall in the City of Barry, Cayton 12, Wesyley, for the purpose of electing a President, Secretary and Treasurer, and to make blanks and by-laws for the adoption of the company. Particular attention paid to repairing as he has always done and at reasonable rates. Barry Adage, March 27,p. Elmer, a little son of Mrs. Sarah Gray died on Tuesday of [illegible] spinal meningitis. He was not sick but five days, but his sufferings were very great. He was nine years old. On Saturday last, Mr. Westley clayton bagsby escort Moran and two sons were arrested by officers Huntley and Kirtright, on complaint of Wedtley.

Rebecca Seber, for selling intoxicating liquors down on Beebe creek. The old man Moran was arrested again clatton Wednesday, and again at instigation of Mrs. Seber, who alleges that Moran threatened her life. The trial was postponed ten days. Barry Adage, April 3,p. Barry Adage, April 24,p. James Hardbarger came up off Beebe creek the other day and much [illegible] extremely happy, swelled his muscles to a prodigious size, and made him totally oblivious to all external circumstances. He seized upon a little black dog and a strange dog at that, and choked the little brute unmercifully. A respected citizen expostulated with him whereat James shook his fist and swore he would choke all the dogs and whip all the men in Barry if he took a notion to.

And then James addressed some obscene remarks to some ladies that were passing by. On Wednesday officer Kirtright went down after James telling him that the authorities here were anxious to see him. He consented to come up and Spire Ferris said it would be ten dollars and costs. That was just ten dollars more money than James had about him -- he was out of whisky too, and was the sorriest man that has been seen for a long time He didn't want to go to the calaboose, and was finally allowed to go home on his solemn promise to come back soon and pay his fine.

Barry Adage, May 8,p. Lemmel Green of Hadley died on Saturday of lung fever, aged 61 years. Barry Adage, May 15,p. Editor -- Since the twin virtues modesty and dignity throw a curtain of diffidence around those Hadley maidens, who have been the subject of so much newspaper notoriety, allow me, as their friend, and in justice to them, to give a different and a correct version of the courting affair heretofore spoken of. The Squire was right in two instances, and in two only, viz:

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