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Asian Studies/Civilization

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The goal of the Asian Studies Minor is to provide a broad background in Asian culture, language, history, and politics. Combined with the Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies, Asian studies will prepare students for careers in foreign service, international trade and business, international education, and governmental and nongovernmental agencies.

Studies louisiana Asian in

The Language track allows students to pursue a minor with special focus on Asian languages. A concentration in Asian Studies offers BAIS students an interdisciplinary approach to the regions, cultures, and civilizations of Asia. It will appeal to those students who recognize the unique importance of Asia in both human history and in the flow of current events as well as the unparalleled opportunities emerging in this part of the world. The Minor offers a rewarding educational experience with a diverse set of courses in Chinese language, arts, geography, history, politics and business.

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Resources About Us Asian Studies at LSU is an interdisciplinary minor that draws upon the resources of a wide range of departments Asiaj provides a framework for a focused study of Asia. The program provides you Askan a working knowledge of Chinese cultural environments stusies business practices as it prepares you to become a future leader in U. Within the Asian Studies minor it is possible to pursue four different tracks: The programs offer a host of languages, literature, history, philosophy, art, and social science courses intended to acquaint students with current and historical knowledge of the Asian region, peoples, and cultures.

Upon completing course work in this concentration, students will have studied at least one Asian language and will be able to speak with confidence about the cultural, political, and economic importance of this area. The Humanities and Social Sciences track offers a preparation in the history and culture of Asia.

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