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Give eyes' designed in life when the Lady smelled a mountain and went his thick and warmth-covered shaft deeper in her hand. The Minotaur screwed its bulging works out of her, passive in cum and her hairy juices.

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Her eyes continued fcuk journey up, the monster had a strong chest with not as much as hair as his legs have. Dead characters are brought to life for more smuts. Mosnter pulled it out after a few thrusts and brought it to her lips, licking her juices and the Minotaur's cum off it. She should never have become a virgin goddess. Her face moved back and forth with his steps, her mouth coming closer to his shaft with every step until very soon her lips met the tip of his cock and it twitched.

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Artemis grunted, taking the full brunt ufck his thrusts and used her godly strength to push back at him. Monsyer review has been posted. Artemis couldn't think of a reason why she was enjoying this but when the Minotaur pulled its thick manhood out of her wet mouth with a pop, she whined with loss and tried to get the thick meat back in her mouth. She shuddered at the idea but used her tongue to lick the tip of his cock.

Artemis still had thoughts of killing the beast but they all disappeared when she climaxed again. Her eyes froze on the thick manhood, 10'inches long and she could see the veins on it. Artemis for a second was amazed that the Minotaur didn't break her neck.

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