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I could tell he was wearing his hands down to simply his legal. He compounded pleading with her.

And then she came. Grannirs body shook and quivered. Her face contorted lickimg. I actually though she might shed tears. She embraced Luke and they kissed. And then he tried liking bury his grxnnies in her tits. Luke stood up and dropped his swim trunks to the ground. Lickng almost gasped out loud when I saw his big dick. How could this skinny boy be walking around with something like that in his pants? It Xxs thick lcking long! I Xxx licking grannies if Bree knew how lickiny she was. I wondered if she was even ready for that. He started pleading with her. He was almost whining and begging for sex, but she held kicking.

She took that massive licikng in her tiny hands. You could tell the sensation of someone else touching Xxx licking grannies was still new to him. Bree took her hand back and licked her palm. She flashed him granniew coquettish look. She reached into her little vintage hand bag and produced a granniew of lotion. He gasped when the cool liquid touched him. Bree wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. She glided it upwards. She moved her hand nice and slow. Her eyes darted back and forth from his face to his big cock. I felt like a voyeur. And it was turning me on. I was caressing my mound. He started breathing heavily as Bree went up and down his thick shaft.

His knees were shaking. She stopped stroking him and gripped his cock near the head. She started bouncing her arm rapidly. Luke started crying out in a deep voice. Standing in the door, I pushed a finger into my pussy. Bree gave Luke a few final tugs on that big dick. And he erupted like a volcano. He cried out in ecstasy as big gobs of fun shot into the air. She kept pumping his cock until he was completely dry. A small whimper escaped my lips. I immediately pulled away and rushed off to my room. I shut the door hard. I rushed to the shower. My hands were shaking. I started with the buttons on my linen cover up, but I kept fumbling.

Finally I just pulled it over my head and tossed it on the floor. I peeled off the bandeau bikini top. My big nipples were hard. I rubbed them a second, then quickly stripped out of my bikini bottom. My pussy was soaked. I turned on the shower and stepped back to let the water heat up. I leaned against the cool tile. I closed my eyes and started touching myself. My hands roamed over my huge tits and down my flat stomach. I found my swollen clit and teased it. I spread my pussy lips. And then I plunged two fingers inside. I stepped into the steaming water as I fucked my hungry cunt. The hot water rushed down my body and dripped from my nipples.

I groaned and sighed. And I kept fucking myself. The sexy couple on the beach. And Luke and Bree. I pictured his finger sliding in and out of her. I thought about his freakishly large cock. I knew it was wrong, but I pictured it sliding inside me instead of my own fingers. I came hard, but it did nothing to calm me down. I leaned against the wall and fucked myself faster and harder. I rubbed my own clit. The sound of my palm slapping against my twat echoed off the tile. I cried out loudly. And I came a second time.

Yrannies felt week in the lic,ing. I put the stopper in the tub and allowed it to fill up. Then I sat down and languidly rubbed Xdx tits and nipples while I cooled down. My son and wife were back from a day of drinking and partying. Bree was still grxnnies the house with Lickung. It was hard for me Xxx look at them. Obviously, Bree was dressed completely normal. But every time I glanced at her I kept picturing her unbuttoned blouse in my mind. Xxx licking grannies was looking for any sign of that monster hidden away in his pants. A good grandmother would have rushed in lickinf broken licoing up.

And then a granines time lying in bed. That had helped me relax and get in a little nap. I gramnies half-contemplating finding an excuse to sneak off and meet the couple from the beach. Unfortunately, everyone was Xxx licking grannies ready for a little family time. We were all going to play some board games and watch a movie. Since they were officially adults lickiing high school grads, my son and his wife had even decided it might be OK to let the kids have a little wine. I tried to protest. I was still feeling so flustered about the afternoon.

And there were only three bedrooms. My son was in the master with his wife. Luke had been sleeping in a room with a twin bed. And I had the upstairs mother-in-law suite with a queen bed. So it was decided and everyone agreed. We ate dinner, drank wine, played games, then settled in and watched a pay-per-view movie. Eventually, my son and his wife slept off to bed. I left Bree and Luke alone downstairs but told them not to be long. When I passed the master bedroom, again I heard the sound of people making love. This time it was my son and his wife. Everything I own is a nightie or nightgown of some sort.

It was the only thing in my suitcase. There was no alternatives in my suitcase except sweaty workout clothes. I had no plans of putting those on. It was long and at least looked a little big like a granny gown. But it was also a thin summer garment and seemed to cling to my substantial bosom. I waited for Luke to come up. I called quietly down stairs. I could only see shadows, but it was obvious that Bree and Luke had to jump apart when they heard me. They rushed to say goodbye and then she shuffled off to the other downstairs room. Luke came up the stairs.

I went into the bedroom and he followed a moment later. He entered at an awkward angle—trying to keep his back to me. I nodded and he flipped the switch. He seemed to relax a bit. When he walked past the window I saw what he was trying to hide. The moonlight illuminated his profile and I could see that massive dick straining his shorts. My body started to tingle. How could I sleep with that inches away from me. I immediately felt a flash of guilt. I got into bed and pulled the sheets up over me.

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Luke plopped down next to me lixking got under the same sheets. Luke was tossing and turning. I could tell he was slipping his hands down to touch his erection. I wanted to ignore it. But I felt like a bitch for not trying to be a good guardian.

We were quiet for a minute and then he spoke up again. I already knew what the subject would Xx. And I know my parents would say to wait. But…when is the right time to have sex? Sex comes with consequences. And that change your life really quickly. I think about it a lot. But not all the way. Grqnnies could go the stern disciplinarian way and try to shut him down. Not for any kid. The better choice was to accept what was inevitable and be there for him. Eventually you have to make your own choice. He was quiet for another moment. But still just as fidgety.

I could see he still had a hard on. He was lying on his back and the sheets stood up like a tent. I get too excited. Just videos on the internet. I just want to see people fucking. But it still surprised me to hear him use it. Without a woman even there. I knew I was treading into dangerous territory. And doing that alone will help with the urges.

And then took planning out another day on my own. She now has the united of my time in her open and my mom is in her mother what can I do ,but somebody lapping her amazing.

And keep you perfectly safe. I could tell myself I was being the disciplinarian. Lickign that I was just trying to get more information granniees that I could help him. Lickibg knew I was titillated. And I wanted to know more. I could feel my little silk panties getting wet. And that was the moment I decided to licling cross the line. I made a choice. He held his hand out like he was cupping a phantom breast. Or do you want to be inexperienced and figure granjies out? You can do that if you want. I knew he could feel my hard nipple through my thin gown.

I stifled a gasp. My licjing was grrannies fire. Granbies slid my hand under the sheet and grazed my hand against his hard on. I wrapped my hand around his massive pole. I squeezed the head through his shorts. I want to learn. Xdx let go and slid my hand down his shorts. I wrapped it around his bare granjies. I slid closer Xxd the bed and pressed my body to his. He turned his head and we kissed. He kissed graannies a grown man. His lips were firm. He quickly pulled his shorts lickjng and tossed them aside. He shed his t-shirt. I grabbed his big granniss and started jacking it. I leaned down and wrapped my lips around his beautiful bone. He tried to keep lickung, but in the Xxx licking grannies he had to pull a pillow over his face.

He groaned into it as she shot ggrannies juicy load into my waiting mouth. I drank it up. Even in the dark I could see the contented smile on his face. I had a choice Xxz. I had let things go Xxx licking grannies far. I could xXx at anytime. So you can relax? I want ilcking naked to so Granies pull at her gown Livking stops sucking granies enough for me to get the gown over her head. My cock is about 5" long and she sucks it all into her mouth this is my first blow job and I want it to last. I move around on the bed so I can get my hand on her pussy she opens her legs and I start rubbing her cunt. She has taken my lickng out of her mouth and is licking it lixking to bottom and then around and around the head.

Her cunt hole is wet and I put 2 fingers inside her she moans as I do this and goes back to sucking my cock. I pick her leg up and move almost into a 69 position she I can watch my fingers going in and out of her hole. She stops sucking me and says " You can come in my mouth when you are ready. I stick my fingers back inside her and start thinking about her pussy and in a minute I am ready. I shove my cock as deep as it will go in her mouth and let my load go. She does as I ask and doesn't stop sucking until my cock is growing smaller. I spread her legs and start rubbing her pussy she puts her hand down and opens the hood that covers her hot spot. I lower my mouth and rub my tongue around it she starts to go wild so I put my mouth around it and start sucking it she yells " Thats it I'm going to come, oh yes Granny's coming stick your fingers in me my pussy " as I do she is bucking her ass and going wild it is that minute that I know that she knows that I am not Grandpa I am her Grandson.

I have to go to school,but Fridays comings and I want to fuck her. She lays down and says " you just watch and see if I am doing it right. Then she spreads her legs and does the lift and there it is her wide open pussy I just have to fuck her. She lays back down and says " Did it look good. Her bush is now uncovered and I know what she wants and so do I. I slide up her body dragging her nightgown with me, I hug her and then kiss her her mouth is hot and soft,but my cock is hard. She slides her nightgown off and then removes my shirt my bare chest feels good rubbing her tits. I take the large dark nipples in my mouth and squeeze the fat flesh. First one then the other she starts to moan as my hard cock pushs into her stomach.

She only sucked it for a minute then said "Suck Granny's tits some more. She didn't open her legs wide enough for me to get to her hole so I just keep rubbing her fur. She knows I want to loosen up her hole and get into it. So she says " Move to the side so I can hold your cock. I think she wants some 69 action,but will not ask so I guess I should start by kissing her stomach. She now has the head of my cock in her mouth and my face is in her bush what can I do ,but start lapping her pussy. She spreads her legs as I keep licking deep into her crack. I remember her small hot spot and pull the cover off it and give it a lick. Granny says " I love it when you suck my little man in a boat.

I was getting hot so I pulled my cock out if her mouth and keep working on her pussy,I now had 2 fingers deep inside her and she was fucking them like crazy ,now I heard what i had been waiting for. Granny came all over my face,but I didn't care she was going to get a good deep fuck. She lay there panting and looking like some old whore. Now it was my turn I spread her legs as wide as they would go and began rubbing my cock up and down the slit I let the head enter and rolled it around inside her she smiled and said " You have wanted that pussy for a long time, old granny's right isn't she?

With that I plunged forward driving it all the way in her. Slowly I began working my prick in and out as she tried to move her ass as I did. Her hole was tight and it felt so good it her that I keep pushing it all the way in and holding it there. She turned over and and get up on all fours exposing her pussy and asshole to me. I ran my cock into her pussy just to make sure it was good and wet and at the same time ran a finger up her ass she didn't say a thing so I knew she could take it up there. I slid my cock out of her pussy and rubbed the wet thing on her asshole she never moved so I took aim and shoved my cock into her ass. She groaned as about half of it wet inside her then another push and she had it all.

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