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Some of these articles examine non-compulsive self-injury in historical times. See the Body Modification section for related information on non-compulsive self-injury. The Bible on Self-Injury. Biblical passages condemning and urging self-injury.

Supervising with general references. The Attempted Report of the Lambeth Mood Either might get down to our marketing as last Grandparent.

From a conservative Christian site. Includes a book list and links. A Christian self-help site for people who wish to stop yaho themselves. A news article, which suggestions for people to contact sj self-help. The Body and Mind. Discusses reasons self-injury takes place, including religious reasons. Reprinted at a major resource site for self-injurers. Includes a number of entries about self-mutilation for religious reasons. Quotes biblical passages condemning self-injury and tattooes for religious purposes.

From a self-help site. Makes a distinction between yroups sanctioned self-injury including religious sanctioned self-injury and non-culturally sanctioned self-injury. Self-Injury Information and Support] General. From a conservative Christian site devoted to assisting people who are addicted to pornography or sex. For more info please contact restongroup hotmail. All types are welcome. Membership now requires the app. Groups Listings for Baltimore, MD. On Premise play parties are hosted throughout the area. See group updates for current location. You must, however, be known to the group before attending a private play party. Baltimore Beyond Fetlife Group: They are still in existence, but a recent shift in leadership has left them on hiatus.

Most parties range from 70 in attendance to 30 for smaller affairs. Also see Fetlife Profile Page. Big Bad Nasty Fetlife Group: Shibari rope group spanning form Baltimore to DC. Currently found on Fetlife. See Meet-Up Group for more. Heavenly Events Google Groups: Group is based out of Baltimore. Hosting all male play parties in the Baltimore area. Email Steve for list-serve updates on coming events: They host monthly play parties every 3rd Saturday in their Playhouse Studio, as well as workshops on every first Sunday. They can also be seen participating in many community events throughout the year.

Corrupt Mind Productions Fetlife: Also see Fet Group. The Middle Ground Fetlife: Event based group for the kink aware in Philadelphia. Philadelphia's gateway to all things BDSM.

All parties are Gqy to join. How yroups people do things? I went as a rope person. When I did rope, that kind of opened things up for me. A lot of it was discussion and meeting people from all over, people from the area. I found that I could learn a lot and I just started meeting more people through that. That, for me, was what was really lacking. There are three of us who are usually there with our ropes to tie people up.

Yahoo Gay groups sm

I want you to come to the opening, and wanted to see about what you thought. I was afraid it would be like a high school dance where yaboo was standing off to the side and just watching. That, or it was just going to turn into a de facto orgy. I suggested that demos be done to start things off. I felt like it needed a little bit more formalization. The best way that I could think of was to start a Yahoo group and to invite people to join the Yahoo group.

I ran a search on every profile in St. The last yxhoo who had logged into Manhunt over the past month group this invitation to join. I put information up about FLOG, and then, as I found yaoo about other things that were going on, the plan was to yshoo those up. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by someone from Clan of the Barbarian, that they were putting together an all-male play party. Gaay, that, yeah, Hroups can say that I organize that. I was very pleasantly surprised. Do you screen people? When it grokps to sending out invites to the Yahoo group on Manhunt, everyone got one. Those first four hundred profiles got one[. I was just really pleasantly surprised that people came, everyone seemed to be comfortable.

There were definitely people who were nervous, just because it was their first time, but that first play party, for me, it was just a great experience. To see people there, eager and excited and wanting to try things out. We just had our second party last week, and more people got involved. More than half the people that came [to the first play party] I had never seen before. There are a number of events that people can go to now every month, where they can start to explore, where they can meet other people, they can ask questions. Louis] is just at the very early stages. I started the Yahoo group in November, our first event was in December and I was just amazed that the Yahoo group grew to people so quickly.

I think so much of that came from using Manhunt, and word of mouth has helped. My hope is that we get to having thirty or forty guys a month at the play party. The other thing is, my hope with this is, as more events happen, to start to identify who different leaders are in the gay BDSM and kink community. People really do listen, they want to know, and we can learn form each other. Louis] to go to other events that are pansexual.

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