Learning english adult conversation games

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5 of My Favorite English Games for ESL Students

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ESL Grammar Games These useful grammar games can be prepared quickly and cover a wide variety of grammar structures. These games are perfect englihs teaching grammar points, identifying grammar mistakes, gamds tenses, revising a specific grammar area or general grammar, etc. These games also help you to spot problem areas or common mistakes that your students are making. These games are good for practicing parts of speech and they work well when introducing a grammar point at the beginning of a lesson. You can also use these games to introduce new vocabulary or topics, revise vocabulary, sentence structure or grammar points.

Conversation games english adult Learning

You can use these listening games to teach a variety of vocabulary, language structures and topics. All the games require students to listen carefully for information or key vocabulary. These amusing ESL miming games can be played by students of all ages and levels. They help students to describe vocabulary and specific structures or phrases by using actions, gestures and body language. These lively and fun ESL games combine music with learning and help to teach or review vocabulary. They can be adapted to students of all ages and levels and can be used to teach Learning english adult conversation games revise any question and answer structure.

They can also be used to review what the students have been learning in class, or you can use them to revise question and answer forms. They work particularly well with large classes. On this page, you will find fun sentence race games to help teach or review vocabulary and sentence structure. There are also games to help students practice translating sentences. Here you will find fun ESL spelling games for students of all ages. These games are handy for revising spelling of recently studied vocabulary. You will find all the classic game shows you used to watch on TV such as Blankety Blank, Family fortunes, Mastermind, etc.

These games can be used to practice parts of speech, sentence structure, vocabulary, question and answer forms, and so on. You can use these games to teach or review regular and irregular verb forms. When they are finished, they need to fold up the papers and place them in the bowl on the table. The students will take turns pulling a card. When it's their turn, they choose one and hold it up so the whole class can see it. Now here's the fun part. They must perform the action associated with that card, whatever it is! Here are the actions I assign to cards and the penalties involved: The person who draws the king must pull a random question from the bowl and pose it to any of their classmates.

Same as above, but the classmate must be a girl. Ditto, but a boy this time. They love it of course, but once they catch on to the game, they will start slipping dangerous questions in there, hoping to catch you, i. Everyone must make bunny ears with their fingers.

The last person to do so must select and answer a question. You choose a topic: The students must go in a circle naming new vocabulary for that topic. The vonversation one who can't say a new word has to answer a question. For the topic of fruit The person who said "carrot" has to answer a question! Like bunny ears, except students must now touch their noses with both fingers to avoid answering the question. Ask the person on your left. Ask the person on your right. The person who picked this has to answer two questions in front of the class.

The student got lucky; she doesn't have to ask or answer any questions. This allows the other teams to adjust their bets so they can catch up, and it makes for a much more even playing field long term. Repeat the steps until all the questions are finished, at which point whoever has the most points are the winners! It usually comes down to a dramatic finish between the top teams, so make sure the final question is difficult! Another classroom hit that gets its origins from a drinking game Take out the alcohol, and what you Learning english adult conversation games left neglish a surprisingly fun and engaging game to play convfrsation class.

The convegsation of the game is to get them talking converzation each other, and its a great way to practice asking questions and getting information in English. Materials Needed A decent sized class it doesn't work as well with small groups Small squares of paper, per student in the class A bag or container for them to randomly choose papers from, something they can't see inside Headbands to attach the papers to entirely optional, works just as well using a hand to hold them in place The Setup A very easy game to set up, all you need to do on your end is make sure that you have enough slips of paper prepared so you don't need to waste time in class getting them ready.

The Game At the start of the class, hand out small pieces of paper to each student. Have them write down three things, and its important they don't show anyone what they wrote down. What they write down is up to you, depending on what topic you are trying to focus on. I usually give them three very different categories that they can choose words from, such as Famous people, animals, and objects. Once everyone is finished, have them all place their papers in the hat or bag, and mix them up. Everyone then pulls a paper out, and without looking it, holds it to their forehead for everyone else to see.

If you have a more advanced class, you may let them get more descriptive in how they answer. The only rule is they cannot ask any person two questions in a row, so this gets them talking to everybody in the room.

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Once they think they got Learing answer, they walk to the teacher and guess what they are. If they get it correct, give them a point, and another paper! The game ends when all the papers are gone, and the winner is the person who guessed the most correct answers. Hot Seat Hot Seat Chances are if you have been teaching for a little while, you have played this game before. If you haven't heard of it, then this is a must have activity to add to your bag of tricks.

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