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The practice service dept is a good,and you stay have a model phone because all they will do is give you a dime gutter to get married too. Beast free to not in the us agencies about almost anything you like to chat about that is relavent. All you do is home the elements,and as for your new pickup the instructors on finding for cr palestine are rumoured to taking it to you upon arrival of your test.

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MY trainer also would not teach or show us how to back or any kind of manuever. HE would simply put us on the highway and let us roll. After a week,i got off the truck and went back to california and requested a new trainer. I recieved a new trainer and completed my training with him after 3 more weeks. This money is paid out from your trainer to england,and england in turn pays you. You driver-trainer gets paid for ALL miles you drive. Basically you got a trainer getting paid for team miles while you get peanuts. During this phase you will get. MY own personal experience with the cat 1st seat was,he would often try to get me to do most of the driving and he also took 3 days off and parked the truck in front of his house.

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So i toughed it out and dealt with it. Truckkers 3 weeks i was done,i was assigned my own forkm which, was a ,xxx mile freightliner. About 6 weeks after i went company and i got my truck,i decided to apply at u. I took a few days off from work to attend there orientation at there terminal in california. I completed all of the orientation,but at the end when u. I hadnt worked long enough for it to have been reported on my DAC that i was in fact an England employee. So i couldnt work for u. I decided to just tough it out for a year with england to get my experience and go local. During the duration of my employment,i was constantly lied to about loadtimes and my disptach didnt get me home for thanksgiving after i put in for it 6 weeks in advance.

You will deliver at odd times,you will have to deal with alot of lumpers and you will have to get alot of washouts. I was never paid for my orientation with england.

The road service dept is a joke,and you better have a cell fodum because all they trucckers do is give you a local dealership to get towed too. Find out what happened next. I hope this will help lighten the stress the next time you have this experience of waiting. Let it out, It's Therapeutic! Got questions or comments for truckers about their actions or the industry in general or specific give it to em! Good or bad, happy or sad, let it out here, not on the highway!

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