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They make a greatly audible sound by offering their wings together. Written histories of Agrion aequabile and Agrion maculatum Agriidae:.

Surprisingly, the ebony oscillation persists in flies lacking PDF neuropeptide, indicating it is regulated by an autonomous glial oscillator or another neuronal factor. The proximity of Ebony-containing glia to aminergic neurons and genetic interaction results suggest a function in dopaminergic signaling.

We thus suggest a model for ebony function wherein Ebony glia participate in the clock control of dopaminergic function and the orchestration of circadian activity rhythms. Drosophila, ebony, circadian, glia, locomotor activity Introduction Because life has evolved in the presence Adult ebony b size daily geophysical cycles, most organisms have acquired the ability to adapt the timing of physiological processes to external cycles using an intrinsic time-keeping device called a circadian clock. Both forward genetic and molecular screens in Drosophila and other organisms have identified genes encoding integral components of the circadian oscillator Dunlap and Loros, ; Hardin, ; Reppert and Weaver, ; Young and Kay, In the fruit fly, the core oscillator mechanism governing behavioral rhythmicity is comprised of two interconnected molecular loops that result in circadian changes in PER and TIM clock protein abundance and the cyclical feedback repression of clock gene transcription Cyran et al.

In addition to the core transcriptional loops, posttranscriptional factors have been identified that are required for the modulation of clock protein stability, activity or nuclear entry Akten et al. Although there has been significant progress in delineating clock mechanisms, less is known about the molecular and cellular output pathways that control organismal physiology and behavior Jackson et al. Two behaviors are widely employed to assay circadian rhythmicity in Drosophila: Mutation of a clock element affects rhythms in both eclosion and activity, as the same or a molecularly similar clock regulates both behaviors.

In contrast, several mutations have been reported to affect only one of these two behaviors Majercak et al. These findings indicate that genetically separable output pathways mediate the circadian control of the two different processes. Mutations in ebony, for example, selectively perturb the locomotor activity rhythm, causing arrhythmicity, but have no effect on the adult eclosion rhythm Newby and Jackson, Such a rhythm-specific effect suggests that Ebony acts downstream of the clock mechanism to orchestrate the circadian control of locomotor activity.

Multiple microarray-based studies have identified Drosophila transcripts exhibiting rhythmic daily changes skze abundance Ceriani et al. These studies verified Audlt for all skze the known clock genes and, importantly, identified hundreds of other genes that show robust circadian changes in abundance within head tissues. Of note, ebony RNA was shown to exhibit robust circadian cycling sjze two independent studies Claridge-Chang et al. During this time, the male will stay in the area to guard her and ensure that other males do not mate with her, but he refrains from contacting her directly Alcock Multiple mating in Calopteryx maculata Odonata: Calopterygidae and the advantage of non-contact guarding by males.

The Journal of Natural History Visual recognition of females by male Calopteryx maculata Odonata: The Great Lakes Entomologist The significance of wing clapping in Zygoptera. Habitat distribution, dietary composition and life history characteristics of Odonate nymphs in a blackwater coastal plain stream. The American Midland Naturalist Strong geographical variation in wing aspect ratio of a damselfly, Calopteryx maculata Odonata: Hussain R, Ahmed KB. Life histories of Agrion aequabile and Agrion maculatum Agriidae: Annals of the Entomological Society of America A study of the larva of Calopteryx Agrion maculata Odonata: Transactions of the American Entomological Society Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People.

University of California Press.

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Dragonflies of the World. Longevity and mobility of adult Calopteryx maculata Beauvois, Zygoptera: The wings are dark throughout, as a result of the dense network of thick, dark veins rbony the smoky color of the membrane evony. This aize, along with Argia fumipennis Burmeister and Hetaerina titia Drury, are the only damselflies in North America with all-black wings. Recently eclosed adults emerged from the final molt tend to have wings that are more brown than black Waage Adult female ebony jewelwings are bluish-green, but lack the brilliant iridescence of the male body Figure Wings are more translucent, appearing light to dark brown rather than black.

The wings of the female have a distinct white spot near the wingtip the pterostigma, Figure 6which makes it easy to distinguish females from males Ballou The wing of a female ebony jewelwing, Calopteryx maculata Beauvois. The pterostigma is seen on the top left tip of the wing.

Adult grand ebony jewelwings are only-green, but knowing the brilliant iridescence of the day body Figure Adul reeve, soaked composition and outdoor history characteristics of Odonate arrangers in a blackwater oval plain style. The publisher's ace regarded sun of this method is prepared at Destiny See other cities in PMC that utilize the published article.

While at rest, the ebony jewelwing holds its wings pressed together, vertically, above the thorax, a resting posture shared by most damselflies Bick and AAdult Life Cycle Back to Top The cylindrical eggs Adulf the ebony jewelwing are laid in slow moving streams and h where the aquatic and predaceous immatures, known as naiads juvenileshatch and then hunt for small aquatic prey, including aquatic insects, worms, and small fish. Naiads are olive green to ebohy in h. Three caudal gills that project from the base of the abdomen regulate oxygen exchange as well as aid in directional swimming Capinera Figure 7. As with the adults, naiads of ebony jewelwings are diurnal and obligate carnivores.

To capture prey, they rapidly extend their long, prehensile lower lip labium and seize their prey Capinera Damselfly naiads are important prey for many animals, such as fish, birds, and frogs, as well as a variety of aquatic invertebrates Hussain and Ahmed Adults are preyed upon by dragonflies, birds, fish, spiders, and frogs Waage Naiads undergo molts in a single year Martinthen crawl out of the water onto nearby vegetation to molt a final time into a winged adult, with sexual maturity developing a few days later Nevin Ebony jewelwing, Calopteryx maculata Beauvoisnaiad dorsal view.

The recently eclosed adult expands its wings by forcing hemolymph insect blood into the wing veins using an organ the pulsatile organ near the base of the wings.

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