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Here's what sex is really like in a long-distance relationship

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Don't feel bad if you're not comfortable with touching yourself -- you can still let them know that you're enjoying simply listening to them.

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There's no "correct" picrures to have phone sex. Once you have your partner on the phone, take things at a speed you're both comfortable with. But think about how he'll pictues it. This could be, for example, what you'd like to be doing with your partner, a moment from great sex the two of you have had in the past, or a mental image of what they're describing to you. Express that you know it's been a little while since you've been intimate—but that you want to make it up to him later that night.

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You might want to start out slow: It will be difficult for you to enjoy yourselves if you feel tense or silly, so before you call, do whatever you need to do to get yourself comfortable and feeling sexy. You can start with just letting your breath go at first, to help bring out little moans into louder moans. Don't feel bad if your partner doesn't join you in masturbating. To have great phone sex, you need to let loose, stop being self-conscious, and be ready to get turned on, no matter how silly you may feel at first. How much you miss them, or wish they were with you What you would like to do if they were with you What you're wearing and how you look in it What you're doing Ask your partner to describe any of the above to you 3 Escalate into sexy talk.

When you've been with someone for a long time, it's natural to feel that a sext is contrived.

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