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Nisha had already stated her clothes and was having on the bed. As he thought all of his 8 planets abort shag into my new hole. By this made, my settings had already beautiful for Pune.

I immediately closed the door and asked her to wear her saree. She was just in her gown through which her sexy body could be seen. She smiled at me and said she had almost forgotten about it. She said she would change the clothes in front of me and I should not mind it. She removed her gown and was completely naked in front of me. I was locked in a room with a stranger who was naked in front of me. I got a hard on. Please have some patience. I will fuck you after some time.

Sex stories Indi

Nisha wore her saree and we left together for my home. I was excited that I finally have a maid whom I can fuck. We entered our home and I introduced her to my mom. The sat on the sofa to discuss the work and charges. I went inside my room.

But Rajiv was stpries my body into a worldly frenzy as his wife was buried into my wet antenatal. I was worth to the ride as I was being discarded like a few shifter.

I was thinking of all the positions in which I could fuck Nisha. While I was masturbating, my mom knocked on my door. I asked her to come in. She thanked me for finding a good maid. She said that Nisha lives alone in a rented room and it would be nice if she lived with us. I agreed with her. My mom asked me weither Nisha could sleep in my room on the floor. I would have liked if I had a double bed and Nisha would sleep with me on it. My mom asked me to go with Nisha and help her shift her belongings. I took Nisha in car and we went to her room. There she immediately packed all her belongings.

We can now live like Husband-Wife and Indi sex stories lots of sex without any guilt. We took all her belongings and placed it in the car. I thought of apologizing to Sangeeta for the last time. But her house was locked. She had left for her village. Nisha gave the keys to the landlady and bid farewell. In the car, I told Indi sex stories to not make our relationship public and suspicious to anyone. We reached our home and placed all her belongings to the now our room. My mom asked Nisha to rest for today and start working from tomorrow. She asked me to help Nisha get comfortable in the house. She asked Nisha to use me for any work she wanted.

Nisha said she would love to have a full body oil massage. My mom looked at me and asked me to get a bottle of oil. She asked me to massage Nisha in the same way I had massaged my Bindu aunt a few days back. My mom did not knew that the massage had led to me having sex with Aunt Bindu, who is her sister. Indi sex stories mom left us alone in the room and said she too wanted a massage from me one day. Nisha locked the door as soon as my mom left the room. I knew my mom would see us from the keyhole thus I hung a napkin on the door handle to cover the keyhole. I spread a bedsheet on the floor and asked Nisha to lay on it after removing her clothes. Nisha was quick at removing her clothes. She laid on the floor all excited to get massaged by me.

She asked me to remove my clothes as they could get dirty with the oil. She askedme to first oil her hair. I used sufficient quantity of the coconut oil to massage her head. She was happy by me technique of massaging. I went on to massage her shoulders, back. I put some coconut oil on her breasts and massaged the juicy melons. Her nipples were erect for obvious reasons. She asked me to massage her thighs as well. I did massage her whole body except the main hole. She asked me to massage it later using my tool. Nisha offered to return the favor and she massaged me with oil all over my body.

She put my tool inside her mouth to massage it. She asked me to enter her. It was my first time. She spread her legs for me. I entered her as I was ready to massage her tight vagina. Both of us were moaning and the sound could be heard outside. I am feeling much relieved. There is no problem at all. Nisha now started riding on my tool. It was the first time a woman was riding on me. She was great at it. I knew she would teach me great sex as she was a prostitute before. I cummed immediately inside her and we finished having sex. Both of us were covered with sticky oil and badly needed a bath. We entered the bathroom and had a bath together. My mom did not suspect us as the bathroom is attached to my room.

Nisha dressed herself in her saree and I wore my clothes. Both of us came out of our room. You must be very lucky. Tomorrow I will have to go to Pune to visit my friend. But your Aunt Bindu will be here. She has asked you to prepare to give her a massage. Nisha said she had to arrange her things. Nisha took me to our room. She asked me to help her arrange her clothes and other belongings. She made some space in my wardrobe to accommodate her clothes. She put her belongings in place and came near to hug me when my mom made some noise. It reminded Nisha that the door was open and my mom could see us. Nisha winked at me and we came outside. He was surprised to see a new maid and knowing that she will be sleeping in my room.

My mom explained him all about Nisha. We sat down for dinner. My mom asked Nisha to join us. She said that Nisha would have to prepare food from tomorrow. I was eager to eat food cooked by dear Nisha. That night, my mom removed a mattress from her room and gave it to Nisha. Nisha made her bed quickly. My parents went to sleep and so did we. I covered the keyhole with napkin and loked the door. Nisha had already removed her clothes and was laying on the bed. Someone knocked the door. I asked Nisha to quickly go to bathroom. I opened the door to see my mom. She came in and asked where Nisha was? I told her she was in the bathroom. She gave me a pillow and blanket for Nisha.

She left the room and I locked it again. Nisha came out completely naked and pused me onto my bed and kissed me. We made out for quite some time and slept together as the day was very tiring. Next morning I woke up at 9. By this time, my parents had already left for Pune. It was only me and Nisha in the home. She was in the kitchen preparing tea. I hugged her and was about to kiss her when my Aunt Bindu appears from nowhere. My aunt Bindu is a 40 year old woman. She is fair and has long brown hair with golden highlights. She is also fat and weighs around kgs. Nisha was laughing looking at my misery. Bindu Mausi said she would make me drink the tea from her own hands.

She took me to the sofa and made me sit on her laps. She gave me a sip of tea followed by a kiss from her lips on which was overly applied red lipstick. She told me that she knew Nisha and I have started fucking but she is my mausi and thus she deserves the right to fuck me first and would fuck me the whole day. Bindu Mausi asked Nisha to lock the main door and watch as she fucked me.

Nisha sat on the sofa while I sfories Bindu Mausi were on the floor. Mausi removed her clothes and also mine and climed on me. I could feel the pressure of her weight on my penis. She tried putting my penis into her vagina but could not succeed. Bindu Mausi seemed happy fucking me. All the fats could be seen all over her body. She could not even bend to kiss me. I somehow managed stiries suck her boobs which were hanging storues. She kept riding on me till she cummed. Nisha got excited Indi sex stories Indj us and wanted to fuck me. But Bindu Mausi was very hesistant storise give me to her. After an hour of having sex with Bindu mausi I was very tired and so storiess my partner in sex.

When Storkes was fumbled around in the kitchen Storise was thinking about an excuse to Indi sex stories, but couldn't. So I prepared the tea both for us. He was in lounge when I brought the tea and I sat with him Inddi one sofa and put sotries try on the table near the sofa. We started talking and Indi sex stories inquired that why he Imdi at stoires at this time, he said that he was not feeling well. I asked him about his Inri but he didn't tell anything. I offered her to take her sttories doctor but he refused and said that he has already taking medicine. We were talking on every topic.

He was looking me storiez very strange and I was thinking that what is the new and soon I realized that there is something new. I felt some new thing and it storiez lust in his eyes. He started talking about my cloth and said that I wore very nice cloths today and that it looking so nice and gives extra charming to my personality which has already extra grace full. I was wearing the Indj color salwar kameez as Indl usually wear. I felt Ini for a while and then Infi thanks to him. Then he said how my husband is lucky that he has found so nice, beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy wife.

I found myself once again in an embarrassing position and told him "Rajiv ji what are you talking today, you have never talked like this before. No I don't mean like this but I consider you as my brother, and Mr. Rajiv you have so nice and beautiful wife. Then he turned his conversation towards his martial life and told me that his martial life is not so satisfied and that his wife doesn't care about his desires. I was surprised that how Rajiv is talking today? He proceed his conversation and told me that he wants to talked with me on this topic from long but he had not get chance for it.

I was now fully confused and want to leave. So said him that I should go now as the children were expected to awake but he request me not to leave him alone and I stayed there I don't know why? He started state away about his sexual life and I started to feel nervous as Rajiv was talking about sex and I was feeling lightheaded. I felt for the first time that something might happen that noon. Suddenly he moved near to me as we seated on one sofa, and I became astonished when he grabbed me from my waist and put his mouth on mine.

My whole body tensed as Rajiv warm lips touched mine. I followed my marital life and was going to get out of there. As I started to turn around, Rajiv grabbed me in a powerful embrace. I was trying to escape from his grip but truly not from my heart. His body was tight against mine and I couldn't help but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest. He was kissing my lips passionately and his hands were on my breast rubbing them gently. I was really in double minded at that time, that what should I do? I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time I knew it was wrong.

At first I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible and Rajiv's warm love was not more ignore able for me, As Rajiv lips were pressed tight against mine, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I responded him unintentionally. Then he parted his lips and wanted to slide his tongue against my mouth. First I resisted but then I parted my lips and allowed his tongue deep inside me. His warm tongue slowly entered my mouth. He warmly licked my mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. I didn't kissing back but I was not stopping him either.

He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control. I always liked Rajiv, and maybe there was this passion. I was feeling nice so I raised my tongue. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body. I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other and I forgot all about my husband or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss. As he pulled his tongue from my lips and started to lick my neck forehead nose and neck.

I was too excited at this time but I muttered to him that we are married and shouldn't do this. But he was not hearing me. I wanted to stop him but couldn't, and he re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again. After some time he again made his way down my neck. I again told Rajiv to stop.

Rajiv magically licked my neck storiies ears, and the warmth of his mouth on my erogenous zone did not allow me to notice his hands on my breast this time. His hands were now sx my impressively inviting breast and storues was rubbing and Inid them. Now this was out of my control. I again tried to pull myself from this carnal spell Inddi by this time he had moved his hand in my neck as it was too Indi sex stories cut, I stoires him once again that Mr. Rajiv this is sufficient, and we should stop it. He was very expert and Indi sex stories known sories the woman psychology. Within flash he released Idni from my kameez and left only in my bra. He unhooked it releasing my tight tits. My ripe breasts were beautiful and inviting.

He knelt down and took one of my erected nipples into his mouth. His warm sx licked across my swollen nipples, and was sucking my tits like they were his lifeline, which was sending me into a sexual confusion my body was Indj filled with passion that I became weak. Rajiv lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. Rajiv licked my tits aex and down. He laid me on couch. I felt like this was a chance to stop this erotic stpries. I laid there half naked Indk him on me. I ssex about how I secretly wanted another man sexx least once in my life.

I wanted him now really, as I probably couldn't have found my husband as hot as Indi sex stories. He was now trying to take my salwar off. I whispered once again not to stries like this. But I was wondering how it Indi sex stories feel syories have another man taste my love stiries that thought sent my mind in a naughty srories of desire. He took off my salwar which slid from my legs. As Rajiv took off my salwar, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. He leaned and put his mouth on my pussy lips and kissed, licked it.

I could not believe I was letting Rajiv to suck my pussy. I was powerless to stop his oral attack, I again whispered out in a frantic but orgasmic way that I couldn't do this I am married. He told me married can do this very easily, don't worry you will feel well. But I will never forgive myself for this entire my life. How can you say your husband so loyal to you? Doesn't he go to other women?. He said to me. But I don't care what he does but I couldn't. Without reply me he took my swollen cunt lips against his mouth and let his tongue in to probe. Rajiv sucked and licked inside of me. Rajiv licked me deeply as my pussy was on fire. It was too incredible, and pleasurable, which I had never felt like this before in all my sexual life.

Now it was not in my control and my tight little cunt and whole body was burning and I grabbed Rajiv head and was burying his face into my wet cave and I started moaning and bucking wildly. Rajiv was licking my clit as I moaned like an animal. Sweat was pouring from my body as I was yearning to be entered. Would I let another man's rock hard cock enter my cunt where I have never imagined letting any other man cock? But Rajiv was sending my body into a sexual frenzy as his face was buried into my drenched pussy. Rajiv was relentless and experienced, as he knew exactly what a woman wanted. He was really aroused me and I felt his cock in my cunt madly.

I felt nervous excitement as I knew exactly where this was leading and I realized I was losing the battle After a long time, Rajiv whispered that he desired that I should take his cock my innocent married mouth. First I refused that I have never done it, and that I don't know how one can take this in one mouth. But he insisted very. As the passion filled my body to the point of thrusting, explosion I argued within myself. If I were to suck Rajiv's cock I might be able to quench my thirst and satisfy this stud without allowing him to put his cock into my cunt as I wanted still to stay true to my husband. I wanted him to be the only man who I tasted. Rajiv was fully erected and he had the biggest dick I could ever imagine.

It was a good eight inches long and thick twice then my husband. After some argument, I leaned in and put my mouth on his cock. I kissed and licked his cock for a while and then I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. The swollen head of this prick needed more space. I opened my mouth as far as I could and took in his head. Rajiv moaned in delight as I was fulfilling his desire. I bobbed my head back and forth trying to mouth fuck this man. I hadn't had much experience in this area. As I continued to slide his huge cock in and out of my mouth Rajiv continued to tell me to suck his dick. I was sucking his dick which was now so excited and pleasurable experience for me and my hand went to my cunt which stuck up my cunt.

It was gushing with juice and was begging for more.

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