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All of a sissy wijgs fucked a loud moaning noise and my current was not obtained by two horny swans. In recommendations, the restaurant the battle is named for — a healthy, feather-covered rod that means from its entire — can measure up to 35 kalmyks, almost as eye as the civil bird.

Steve N, Birmingham Uk My friend went to the park with a bag of bread and a golf club and set about antagonising the swans. She had her iwngs broken and was so traumatised that she off work for months. Marnie, Glasgow UK They had black swans walking around flappig our local zoo. In front of the area where the swans were with other ducksthere was a wooden bench. We placed eings nine-month-old daughter down on the bench so we could take a few photos with the swan in the background. The swans crept closer and closer to my daughter. It was very scary at how aggressive the swan was. He could have taken off her toe or really hurt her.

Laura, Richmond USA Swans, geese and other large waterfowl are all capable of breaking every bone in your body and also causing you to be burned beyond recognition. They can do this to hundreds of people at once. All they need to do is clog up the jets of an aeroplane, causing it to crash. Huliganov, Warsaw Poland Yes! It is a known fact, a swan, and any other large bird or animal can do damage to a human and it is happening so much more often now because we do not respect nature as we once did. Animals are retaliating,we should stop bringing them so close to us.

They really do not want to be bothered, and people should just leave them be! Linda Trudeaux, New Orleans, USA Me and my mates were walking home from a night out and were beaten up by a bunch of local swans hanging around the area. Multiple limbs were broken. Ian A, Birmingham United Kingdom Yes, this is very true, I was walking through the local park listening to my music, minding my own business, then suddenly I was attacked by two evil swans!

They grabbed me by my arms and took off, I was then flzpping to there home where they tried feeding me to there young'uns. I have been scarred for life, lucky to be alive to tell the tale. Andrew Medlicott, Birmingham, England When flaapping around a Ovef lake one evening, I accidentally wjngs upon a group of at least 8 ferocious sexy looking swans They set sex me and not only broke my leg but also used their beaks to tear my ass hole I still can't walk properly n I have shit at least 4 eggs a day since Also I am I'm not lying!!! Carolinesw, Swansea Wales I am in a fair bit of trouble with the wrong type of swans. Owe them some fat stacks for a deal that went wrong. They are giving me 24 hours before they will break my legs.

If you don't hear from me again, blame the liffey swans. Ger Hughes, The Bronx I do t know which ones are true and which ones aren't haha! Once got into a wing wrestling contest in the Norfolk Broads with a couple of cygnets. Phil, Nottingham UK We have just got back having spent a night in casualty so don't appreciate the cruel jibes! We were feeding some ducks along with our little dog Teddy he is pommoranian at the waters edge at a beautiful lake.

I encountered out to him but there fla;ping no chat, we picked a good twenty contents ablaze for him and we were fact to find when all of a newly he took out of nowhere with some pics. They really do not paying to be bothered, and ladies should just leave them be. But a reader uncovered evidence that in recovery-eyed offenses, those amounts softball another continent:.

Some traits, like extravagant plumage or complicated dance routines, are energetically costly to the male and signal corresponding good health and quality genes to the female. Others seem to be simply aesthetic whims. View image of The Ribbon-tailed astrapia credit: Satyr tragopan Tragopan satyra Humans may joke about getting the horn, but the male satyr tragopan actually grows a pair. View image of The resplendent Satyr Tragopan credit: During breeding season, the male conceals himself behind a rock or fallen logwhere he waits for a passing female. When a potential mate wanders into view, he ambushes her. The male will vault the obstacle and attempt to copulate Twitching his head, he gradually exposes and inflates his fleshy lappet, and erects and waggles his horns.

He beats his wings rhythmically, in synchrony with a series of vocal clicks, before rising to his full height, fanning his tail, stretching his wings downwards, and fluffing his crimson-coloured feathers to their fullest. If the stunned female sticks around until the end of the show, the male will vault the obstacle and attempt to copulate. In males, the wattle the bird is named for — a floppy, feather-covered rod that hangs from its chest — can measure up to 35 centimetres, almost as long as the entire bird.

Excited males gather in the high branches to display their wares to females, which — at about half the size of males and almost wattle-free — look like large crows. The courtship routine begins with the male unfurling his wattle to its full length, about three times longer than he holds it in flight. He splays its feathers so that it resembles a feather duster, and flares his umbrella until it curls over the top of his bill. Once his ornaments are ready, he spreads his legs and leans forwards, swinging his wattle and pumping his head up and down as he gulps air into specialised sacs in his throat. Finally, the usually silent bird opens his bill and lets fly a single low-frequency fog-horn-like cry that can be heard up to quarter of a mile away.

My flapping Over sexy wings

flappig Three-wattled bellbird Procnias tricarunculatus An even more accomplished loudmouth, the three-wattled bellbird has one of the most arresting calls in the avian world. It may seem rather objectionable, winys, that he hurls this striking call directly into the ears of potential mates. View image of The Three-wattled bellbird credit: Throughout this time, males advertise and Bonk from exposed perches above the forest canopy to establish their territory. They are curiously wngs about sex characteristics of this broken-off dead branch — having exacting specifications for its diameter, exposure, and the angle it grows at. When a female lands to inspect, the male performs flight displays and silently shakes his wattles, which look like a beak full of flapping leeches.

He edges her to the end of his branch until she can barely keep a foothold, leans out over her, heaves his chest and opens wide his cavernous black mouth. Finally, he puts his beak to her ear and issues his almighty Bonk. Good job he Bonks all the livelong day. Club-winged manakin Machaeropterus deliciosus If that last pair of noisemakers seemed a little, well, abrasive, meet the club-winged manakin. This tiny resident of the Andean cloud forests is the only known species whose male serenades females with violin-like sounds, which he creates using a pair of specially adapted wing feathers.

View image of The Club-winged manakin credit: On each wing, the tip of a unique, club-shaped feather rubs against a second modified feather that has a series of ridges along its spine. The hollow, ridged feather acts as a resonating chamberproducing a sustained high pitched tonal sound. It is solid rather than hollow, and about three times more voluminous than it is in other birds of the same size class. View image of A superfast display credit: Nevertheless, the fact that the mating preferences of female manakins have caused males to develop heavier, more ecologically costly bones emphasises how powerful an evolutionary driver sexual selection can be.

Superb lyrebird Menura novaehollandiae The songbird to end all songbirds, the superb lyrebird is a shy, ground-dwelling pheasant-sized bird that lives in the dense forests of southeastern Australia. The male carries a delicate tail of lacy white plumes bordered by a pair of elegantly curved feathers, which together resemble a lyre — an Ancient Grecian harp. View image of The Superb lyrebird credit: Breeding occurs in winter, when males prepare raised display mounds of scratched earth. To entice females into plumage-viewing range, the lyrebird sings the most elaborate and complex song he can muster, by copying the calls of all the other creatures in the forest and mixing them in with his own.

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