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Sex workers using anti-HIV drugs instead of condoms

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Definition of terms Sex worker: Study objective While many studies have explored issues around male condom failure among sex workers, 182225 an evidence gap was found with regard to what female sex workers do when they encounter circumstances of condom failure during penetrative sex with male clients. This study sought to describe the actions of female sex workers within the first 24 hours of experiencing male condom failure with a male client during penetrative sex. Contribution to field These findings could inform national government departments and on-profit organisations NGOs working with sex workers such as Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce SWEAT and Sisonke to design interventions that address issues around condom failure.

Their programmes should focus on empowering and equipping sex workers on what to do when faced with circumstances of condom failure and for possible lobbying for better and need-specific services such as healthcare facilities that can meet the needs in case of unanticipated exposure of sex workers to STIs including HIV. Methods A cross-sectional, descriptive design was used for this exploratory pilot study. The study was designed as a small-scale version in preparation for a major study. This includes both the roadside and the brothel-based female sex workers.

A sampling method known as the snowball sampling was employed. The seed participants were asked to recommend other self-identified sex workers willing to participate in the study. The investigator calculated the sample size using the estimate of for the Cape Town Metropole. Using these modalities, a minimum recommended sample size for the study was estimated at Of the participants recruited, only questionnaires were completed correctly and admitted for analysis. Although it is impossible to include a representative sample of all the communities sought, 29 the investigator encouraged participants to recruit potential participants from the areas that had not been represented.

The investigator used self-administered questionnaires to collect the data in a standardised manner. The questionnaire used in this study comprised four sections.

The first clndom explored the demographics of the study participants. The second section was related to substance use by the female sex workers. The third section dealt with their sex work experiences coondom the final Chnia was based on condom use, condom failure breakage and slippage and actions of the sex workers after experiencing condom failure. This questionnaire was designed to gauge the actions of sex workers when they experienced condom breakage or slippage with their male clients. These questions explored the actions of the study participants immediately after they realised that the condom had failed as well as within the next 24 hours of the incident.

This was based on the consideration that the first 72 hours are the most critical with regard to adopting actions that could mitigate seroconversion if a sex worker became infected as a result of condom failure.

To ensure aex reliability of the questionnaire, simple and straightforward questions were used to reduce the chances of ambiguity and confusion. The questionnaire was adapted from an online commercial sex survey. Thirdly, the designed questionnaire was sx among six participants who fitted the inclusion criteria. This pilot tested Cina comprehension of the questions to ensure that the wroker were pitched at a level comprehensible to all the participants, including those who did not have any formal education. After the pilot study, corrections were made to the questionnaire to rephrase questions that were poorly understood by the pilot participants. Guangxi is located in the southern part of China with a population of 46 million National Bureau of Statistics of China, There is a high demand and a big market for commercial sex in Guangxi due to the prosperous economic development and tourism with a large number of FSWs providing sexual service primarily through commercial sex venues Fang et al.

Participant recruitment and data collection There were an estimated 2, FSWs in about entertainment establishments in each of the two participating cities.

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In the current study, commercial sex venues in each city were identified by the research team through ethnographic mapping and 76 commercial sex venues were selected and participants were recruited from these commercial sex venues. Gatekeepers of these commercial sex venues were contacted for permission to invite FSWs in the venues to participate in the study. Women who worked in these venues and had provided sex for money or living materials were eligible to participate. A total of women were recruited in two cities and a self-administered questionnaire was completed by each FSW in a private room of participating commercial sex venues.

Each questionnaire took about 45 minutes to complete. Trained interviewers provided necessary assistance to participants during the survey. Stable sexual partners were defined in this study as male sexual partners with whom FSWs had a long-term e. Casual sexual partners were defined as male sexual partners with whom FSWs had commercial or a short term sexual relationship e. All items to assess the PMT constructs except extrinsic rewards had a 4-point response option strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree. The items measuring extrinsic rewards had a 5-point response option none, few, some, most, all. Table 1 List of items and Cronbach alpha of seven PMT constructs regarding condom use Items Factors affecting maladaptive response probability Extrinsic rewards 4 items 1.

How many of FSWs use condom with stable sexual partners 2. How many of FSWs use condom with casual sexual partners 3. I feel better without using a condom when having a sexual intercourse 2. It is easy to have organism without use a condom when having a sexual intercourse 3. I feel more close to sexual partner without use a condom 4. I need to use a condom when having a sexual intercourse R 5.

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I feel safe for using a condom when having a sexual intercourse R 6. I need to use a condom when having sex with a person known well R Vulnerability 2 items 1. One can acquire China sex worker broken condom when having a sexual intercourse without using a condom 2. One can acquire HIV when having a sexual intercourse without using a condom Severity 5 items 1. Using a condom can reduce the risk of contracting STI 2. Using a condom can reduce the risk of contracting HIV Self-efficacy 11 items 1. It is my responsibility to use a condom when having a sexual intercourse 2.

I can use condoms consistently 3. I believe that I can talk about condom use with my sexual partners 4. I believe that I can put the condom on the penis of my sexual partner 5. My sexual partner and myself know where to obtain the condoms 6. If my sexual partner does not want to use a condom, I can persuade him to use 7. If my sexual partner refuse to use a condom, I will not have sex with him 8. I know how to use a condom correctly 9. Even though I drink alcohol or use drugs, I still can insist on use a condom Even though my sexual partner drinks alcohol or use drugs, I still can insist on use a condom Whether using a condom or not is men's issue, women cannot make the decision R Response costs 10 items 1.

If I insist on using a condom, the atmosphere of having sex could be interrupted 2.

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