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Japwnese mum was standing behind the camera holding her favourite toy so she would face the camera. When Stacey asks how he would feel if someone had shot his own year-old daughter the way he shot that six-year-old girl, he pauses. In the 12 months between July and Julythere were 37 cases sent to public prosecutors on grounds of owning this material. In the UK, in andthere were more than arrests for possession, with found guilty. Why is there such a massive gulf? Under Japanese law, when they find an abusive image, they need to identify the child, confirm they are underage and, in order for an investigation to proceed, the victim has to bring charges.

Teenage porn Japanese

Perhaps one thing that Westerners may notice is a different attitude to young girls. It can involve extreme violence, rape and incest. Comics with these types of abusive images have been banned in the UK. BBC Three The Japanese Government tried to ban these images too, but artists and publishers resisted on the grounds of free speech.

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