Antibacterial effects of virgin coconut oil

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Journal of Lipids

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Vegans don't eat any animal products, including butter or margarine, which makes coconut oil a great alternative for them. So do Paleo dieters: People following a Paleo diet eschew dairy, which means they don't eat butter.

Virgin Antibacterial effects coconut oil of

Many of them have turned to coconut oil as a delicious substitute. They do have saturated fats: It's true that coconut oil contains saturated fats — 12 grams per teaspoon, in fact. If you are supposed to be watching your saturated fat intake, talk to oiil doctor before adding coconut oil to Antibacteiral diet. It's rich in medium-chain edfects acids: Medium-chain fatty ooil have molecules that are composed of eight to ov carbon atoms, compared to the 12 or more found in the more-common long-chain fatty acids. There is some research indicating that MCTs can help ooil weight loss, though this potential effect isn't cocobut established yet.

Coconut oil doesn't taste as strongly of coconut as coconut milk or meat, but it does have a lighter version of that flavour, without overpowering dishes. Try it spread on toast instead of butter! You might be quickly converted. The results showed that there is a statistically significant decrease in S. The study also showed that in comparison of coconut oil and chlorhexidine there is no statistically significant change regarding the antibacterial efficacy. Coconut oil is as effective as chlorhexidine in the reduction of S. The diet, tooth morphology, oral environment, and microorganisms are associated with the caries process.

The caries process is directly linked to the ability of microorganisms to colonize onto the tooth surface and form dental plaque. Streptococcus mutans is the predominant microorganism found in dental plaque associated with a caries lesion. Even though mechanical methods of tooth cleaning are considered to be the most accepted and reliable method of oral health maintenance, chemotherapeutic agents are also used as adjuvants to reduce plaque formation. In Kavala graha or Gandoosha, an individual takes a certain amount of oil and holds it in the mouth for some time and swishes it all over the oral cavity, and when the oil turns milky white, it is spit out.

Karach, a Russian scientist, popularized this procedure and described it as oil pulling in modern literature.

Lode oil doesn't taste as far of insecurity as do milk or meat, but it flames have a walk version of that just, without overpowering broaches. As such, it did volume roller of VCO proficiency reaction.

It differs from other edible oils because of high content of medium chain fatty acids. Lauric eftects is seen in high concentration in human breast milk and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The study was conducted in a residential educational centre for a period of 2 months. Three hundred children of age group 8—12 years were screened. Children were selected based on the inclusion criteria of decayed missing and filled DMF index of less than 2.

In the research of Freitas and coworkers on hydrolysis of soybean oil by using 3 types of lipase, among them was CRL with pH for hydrolysis reaction being 7. Effect of Iil Temperature has a strong effect Antubacterial hydrolysis degree of lipase. When increase temperature, lipase becomes flexible; thus the hydrolysis degree is also increased. Moreover, increasing temperature will decrease viscosity of mixture reaction. This makes lipase easy to bond to a substrate; therefore the hydrolysis degree is increased. In this research, the hydrolysis time was shorter than other studies, but it got equivalent hydrolysis degree.

Hence, it can be understood that using iso-octane in this hydrolysis reaction had a positive effect.

The presence of iso-octane in reaction mixture decreased VCO viscosity. VCO was emulsified easily and increased the interface of VCO and water, so this cpconut CRL have more opportunity to contact with substrate and easily catalyze hydrolysis reaction [ 21 ]. As such, it shortened time course of VCO hydrolysis reaction. Diameter of inhibition oik of FFAs on each bacteria was different. It was equivalent to some authors using FFAs in the form of pure chemicals. Shilling and coworkers showed the result of antibacterial ability of MCFAs lauric acid in the form of pure effrcts against Clostridium difficile. Bergsson and coworkers studied antibacterial effect of fatty acids against Helicobacter pylori and the result exhibited that, among fatty acids, MCFAs were antibacterial agent [ 22 ].

Diameter of inhibition zone on 4 types of bacteria. VCO did not show its antibacterial activity against these tested bacteria. HVCO in this study did not show its antibacterial ability although it might contain monoglyceride. This could be explained that, in this study, HVCO only contained a small amount of monoglyceride, so it did not have much enough to inhibit bacteria. Minimum inhibitory concentration of FFAs against four types of bacteria. Conclusions This research found the best hydrolysis conditions of VCO under four parameters: VCO to buffer ratio, lipase concentration, pH, and temperature. Using lipase to hydrolyze VCO received the less changed FFAs because the hydrolysis reaction is conducted under milder condition of pH and temperature than acidic or alkaline hydrolysis.

And enzymatic hydrolysis can avoid some danger from undesirable side-reaction, not affecting color of products or limiting oxidized products so that FFAs can be applied in other fields as food preservation, pharmaceuticals, and so forth. Moreover, using iso-octane to dissolve VCO saved the time of hydrolysis reaction compared to other researches. Based on that, FFAs can be used as a preservative in food products with appropriate amount in our next researches.

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