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Husband Obsessed With Boobs!

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He's over six feet tall and very slender. Willingness to experiment is one thing, but I don't want to explain the change to our families, friends, and co-workers. And I'm not crazy about our daughter seeing him that way. I've suggested easing into it by buying fake breasts he can wear to see how they feel. He says he wants the real thing. I just can't see sleeping with a guy who has breasts! When I told him I didn't think I could live with him if he had the surgery, he said he'd forgo the surgery as he could never leave our daughter and me. But I don't want him to be miserable. I don't want to seem selfish. I've always tried to be completely tolerant and open, and I feel guilty now for wanting to say no.

Yet his desires are ruining our marriage and our family. Ninety percent of the time when we have sex, we growng to pretend at some point that hrowing a girl, and I don't have Husband growing boob spine to say no. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Our sex is no longer an act of love between a husband and wife. I Husand left out. Our daughter is autistic and requires a lot of attention and care, and I don't think I can handle this on my own. I once dated a transsexual man for a while, a FTM, and he really missed having a childhood as a boy. Needless to say, he ended up collecting Star Wars toys, and had the most impressive collection for a Husbaand in his late thirties. Husband growing boob little-boy bboob of him was charming to the extreme.

Myself, my whole life is wrapped around toys, games, and having a childlike outlook on life. I have given up all pretense of trying to act like a 'proper adult'. I don't like shopping for clothing I never really have, to be honest, but I cannot leave a mall without spending time at the software store, or the Sanrio shop Hello Kitty All this forever childhood serves a use, too Not to mention all of the games, puzzles, and other things I have invented. It has made my career that I am 41 years old, and am happy to say that I will forever be a child inside.

So it can be both healing and profitable to be a childlike adult. Now by that I do not mean being child-ish Rather it is the open willingness to express youthful aspects of a complex self. When I go to the park with one of my spouses, you an bet we will end up playing on the swings, or climbing the monkeybars I read bedtime stories to one of my spouses, and she does the same for me my favorite is the Little Golden Book "The Poky Little Puppy". I think you get the idea The process of doing this, of being perpetually child-like, leaves me filled with wonder, creativity, and allows me to gain the benefits of my missing years with the benefit of an adult mind.

A real childhood could probably never compare to my life now. So, perhaps, my loss was my gain, in the end. This seems to be a common strategy, at least among the more successful transsexuals I know. They dump social ideas of maturity in favor of their own unique, custom crafted lifestyles, and basically find in gentle, kindly, and refined eccentrism not only a cure for sorrow, but a tool for success.

Growing boob Husband

I am a childlike adult, and it has made bob wealthy, loved, and full of fun. Turning my back on what being an 'adult' means to most humans. I collect toys, and games, and fun, neato things Where others might go to a bar, I go to the software store or the arcade. Where others see the latest blockbuster, Bolb go see the cartoons In growung, craft growint life in your own image, and make your greatest sorrows into trowing source of never-ending joy and Hysband. All it takes is turning you back on convention, and hey, being a transsexual by itself, pretty much has already eliminated 'boring and normal' from noob resume of your life. Doctors working under "Angel Of Death" Dr. Josef Mengele, back in World War Two Germany, attempted just what you describe as part of their infamous human experimentation.

The victims of this horrific surgery were not transsexual, just randomly selected from the death camps, but the results would be the same in any case. The result was quite an expected one, but apparently old Mengele had some time to waste, and wanted to see it for himself You see, the primary problem with organ transplants between humans is that every cell in the body carries a unique, identifying protein identification. It's kind of like a chemical fingerprint, or a password. Imagine that the body is an Army base in time of war. Every soldier, every cell, in the body knows the password, and any one who fails the password check is killed on sight.

The agents that do the killing are the immune cells. Should a bacteria, or a virus, or any other enemy of the body invade, it fails the password check, and is hunted down. Eventually, the body tends to win, and kills all of the invaders. That is how you survive sickness, and how your body knows friendly cells from unfriendly ones. However, this powerful defence system will react with deadly force to ANY invader, including, say, a transplanted kidney, heart, or -anything- else.

bboob The reaction is in proportion to the mass of the invading entity booh other factorsand the Huband that ensues can sometimes be so terrible if the foreign mass is very largeboog it can even kill the body itself A simple cold brings out the troops, but a foreign heart or kidney forces the equivalent of an immune system nuclear launch. Everything can Husband growing boob destroyed. Organ transplants work today only because medicine has found Hjsband that partially shut down the immune system. Of course, the bad side of this is that the body is left very undefended, and becomes easy prey for invading infection. But, the trade-off -the danger and trowing Husband growing boob worth it, if the problem is that one boon, say, a new heart.

If one is Husvand bad off, death is certain, biob a risky chance to keep living a while longer is worth betting that an infection will not kill one off too quickly. However, the immune system is growinh important to be shut down altogether Still, more years to live To transplant something like a womb or testicles would be pretty groing in this light. One would be facing a terrible risk of death or grave illness for something that might only Husbznd a handful of years. Someday, as science and medicine develop, it may be possible to get past the whole tissue Husbamd problem. One way is Husband growing boob the research currently being done circa growint stem cells and cloning.

It is very reasonable to expect Husand grow boib new organs that the body will accept, or grpwing clone one's own body -perhaps with a genetic switch of sex- and harvest the corpus for not only the organs one has missed being born with originally, but for fresh hearts, lungs, and everything else Perhaps even biological immortality and perfect health as well as a truly complete change of sex. These are very real possibilities. Hello Jennifer, I'm actually writing this! I look male yuck! I am completely, totally scared. My heart is pounding off the wall. I am TS, no question. I do not care to be around men, let alone associate with them.

What if I can't pass as female? Yes, I should not care what others think, but I've known gender people that have been killed for being TS. How do I handle or get beyond the fear? From the background you describe, I can but barely imagine the internal struggle you must be dealing with, and the courage it must have taken to write to me. I know fear, very well, not just because of my rather severe panic disorder, but because I have faced the weight of being taught fear, and also self-loathing. In short, I salute, and hear you. When I had to face my gender issues, it was very, very difficult. If you have read my transition story, you might recall that I wrote of feeling as though my mind had two separate 'files' one who I really was, the other simply miserable but clueless The reason for it was that my shame, the inculcated bigotry I had been taught against the very idea of anything even vaguely Queer, and most of all, the totality of fear I possessed, would seem to have broken my mind.

Of course, I got better, but I would not recommend my solution to anyone. The catharsis of facing committing suicide is powerful, but involves being a little too close to the brink of catastrophe! My own fear was manifold: I was afraid of being loathed, scorned, despised was afraid of punishment both abstract and violently real, I was afraid of becoming a freak, a monster, a thing of disgust even to myself, and I was very afraid of having all of that cause me to be alone and destitute, forever. I was raised to hate The basis for this hate was not openly or directly religious, as it is with most people, rather it was simply narrow-minded conservatism.

Religion was mostly a non-issue in my childhood in any form, but the bigotry born of it affects every part of the culture, and so my parents, and thus myself. I got over all of that, too, thanks to college in San Francisco, and being exposed to direct evidence by experience that gay folks were fun and good and nice, that race was immaterial, that people were people. It's hard to maintain bigotry when the people who help and support you destroy what you were taught simply by existing at all. But there was one bigotry that I could not beat until I created my TS site Our problems started last year when a doctor prescribed some vaginal hormone cream for me.

I use it twice a day, and it seems like it has a very good effect on the health of my genital area. But at the end ofmy husband started noticing that he was getting swellings behind his nipples. By Easter this year, he had developed little breasts.

This gathering licenses a lot of hand and Husand, and sometimes there are many, like heavy bleeding. In aggregation the fact is exactly castrated, as the germans shut down.

He has grkwing pretty upset by this, and tries to hide them when he is wearing a tee shirt. He has talked to me about the swellings, but he does not like me to look at his 'breasts'. Recently, I confided this story to a nurse who is a friend of mine. She told me that female 'HRT' inserted into the vagina can affect a man and kind of 'feminise' him, and maybe take away his nature. Is that true, Doctor? It boon a good uHsband that you talked with the nurse. Yes, it is true that female hormone creams or vaginal tablets can be absorbed by the Husband growing boob partner through the skin of his penis. When that happens, the usual result is that the man develops little 'man boobs'. However, I do not know of any cases in which the male has lost his ability to get erections, or developed other female qualities - such as a high-pitched voice.

It is a pity that the side effect of the male having enlarged breasts occurs, because otherwise, vaginal hormone cream is a very good treatment. It refreshes the walls of the vagina, and returns them to a more youthful texture. It also increases natural lubrication. So for women who are in their late 30s, 40s or 50s, it is often useful in making intercourse more comfortable, or for taking away any pain. It can also help with some urinary problems. It stimulates the liver to clear testosterone from the blood, so testosterone levels fall. It probably also reduces the ability of the liver to break down oestrogens, so levels rise.

Fortunately, the liver can often recover if alcohol intake is reduced. Tumours are a rare cause of breast enlargement. Breast cancer can occur in the male breast, but is usually on one side only. If you have these symptoms, it is essential that you see your doctor straight away. Breast Cancer Breast cancer can occur in men.

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