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You may be worried about your body's development, hender what causes breast soreness, and even about cancer. The doctor sees patients all the time for things that may seem silly, but if you're worried, then it's not dumb. You don't need to sit at home and worry — visit your doctor. During puberty, hormones in the body can cause the breasts to grow larger. Maybe the pain is a little sharper this time, or maybe it lasted longer than usual, or maybe you just want to get it checked out. When guys start puberty it is common to develop a small amount of breast enlargement too.

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A breast exam is a quick and painless procedure. Wearing a supportive bra might also help. Rings and shoes may feel tight anv this time. The main biological reason young women have breasts is to allow them to feed babies. Some girls have painful cramps in their stomachs, headaches, mood swings, or cravings for certain foods right before their periods begin. Just as fingers and feet swell, so can breasts. Changes in these hormones can cause feelings that together are called premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Kevin and Garrison are best friends; Garrison and Skye are an on-and-off couple; Kevin and Skye kissed once.

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Most PMS symptoms, including breast soreness, should disappear as your period begins. The medical name for this is the breast bud, and it is often present in guys and girls. First you might notice a small button-like lump beneath the nipple area.

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