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Be careful not to stick the tape onto the baby's skin. Many babysitters have discovered the hard way that a baby can wiggle or roll off a table in seconds. Time for a Change?

Commonly change the holy if it's wet. Desperately brands of communication diapers dame the same way:.

So keep the little one strapped in. Pull the diaper open at the waistband and check that all's clean duaper dry. Poopy diapers will be obvious! Most brands of disposable diapers work the same way: Putting on a New Diaper Most families these days use disposable diapers. That's a big fall for a baby. Don't forget to wipe the creases in the thighs and buttocks. This will help prevent the diaper from leaking at the top.

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Always disper the diaper if it's wet. And don't leave a baby alone to go get something, even if the baby is safely strapped in or lying on the floor. Babysitting can be rewarding and fun. You may want to lift the baby's legs by the ankles to get a better reach.

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