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All of the foregoing rights are granted without any restrictions whatsoever and are without any reservations of any kind. In accordance with these Submission rules, I hereby submit, as and for my Submission, my model information along with, my photograph for publication by GFL Publications Inc. I have not been coerced to submit, to authorize the publication of my Submission or to execute this release. I warrant that I have read and fully understand all of the foregoing. I hereby release and discharge the Covered Parties from any and all claims, demands or causes of action that I may now or hereafter have, whether for libel, invasion of my right of privacy or publicity, or anything else arising out of or in connection with the above-referenced use of my name or likeness.

No negatives or laser prints. I hereby represent that I am over the age of 18 years and that I have read this Submission Form and Release prior to its execution. I understand that if the Submission is chosen, a check will be forwarded to me in payment for the publication thereof.

A photographer submitting photos of more than one girl must provide official Submission forms and model releases signed by each model. I agree that najed Release shall inure to the benefit of the Covered Parties and any of their licensees, affiliates, agents, successors, assigns, heirs, executors and legal and personal representatives. I, with full knowledge and for good and valuable consideration, hereby expressly give and grant to GFL Publications Inc. Please be sure to fully identify all images, in addition to mailing copies of them along with your Submission form and questionnaire.

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