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Radhika slowly walked to the other msasage of the room and started removing the hot oil to give me the sexy massage. I lifted my thighs and she shoved her dark pink tongue inside my arse hole. My cock was red hoterect like a hard pole. Radhika quietly said that for some extra cash and also as it was a lean time i. I slowly slid my wet pink hard cock and shoved it inside her black arsehole. I insisted and requested Radhika to remove her clothes.

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I took the courage, as Radhika, the preferred one, had a sensuous smile. Radhika had not turned around and was showing her back after I had Oi, her red bra. Her black anus hole slide open like butter. Radhika went ahead and bent down and pulled my designer underwear and out popped by large, fat, circumcised, pinkish red cock. Then I told Radhika to turn on her stomach and I started applying oil on her back and slid my hands on her black shiny round, firm buttocks and started oiling them and poured oil into her anus hole. I was wearing a formal pant, as I had to later proceed to work.

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