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On precisely rivals I had gotten dinners of her dating fur. Mom did intrauterine I chief and her affection advances encircled my real and took massaging it.

I sucked all the sweet warm milk out of them and then we went to sleep. From the next day, mother strictly limited our nightly affair to one hour. But she continued to display her breasts for me during the daytime and also gradually stopped breast-feeding the baby and gave me all her milk to suck. Since there was too much milk for her to hold the whole day, she asked me to come home at lunch time from school, so that she can feed me. In the evening, she asked me to come home without going for playing and I had a feeding in the evening too. This went on for three months. Of course my father never knew anything about our affair. She lives in a village about 20 miles from us where we have our ancestral property and house.

She visits us every three months and we go to her place for all major temple festivals. She came on her regular visit to stay for a week. That was going to be a torture, but mother said it is better to suffer a week rather than lose our affair forever. The third night after grandma came, mother called me to the kitchen. With grandma sleeping in the hall, how can we play in the kitchen? By the time I got to the kitchen, mother had her blouse already open and thrust her breast in my mouth. The breast was of course swollen with milk and I had my stomach full of her delicious milk in fifteen minutes. Then I asked her about grandma. She explained that as soon as she came, grandma noticed the change in my mother.

She felt that mother was happier than she ever was, and she had glow about her body which was totally new. She also noticed that the baby was not comfortable sucking her breast milk because it had become unused to it for three months. If mother had still milk in her breasts and if she was not giving it to the baby what was she doing with it? Grandma put two and two together and confronted mother. Mother had to confess and tell her everything about us. The next day grandma smiled mischievously at me and I felt a little shy to look at her.

Make her more happy. I did not quite understand what the meaning was. Anyway, next day, I brought flowers for my mother when I came home in the evening. Mother was surprised but did not wear them immediately. But, when we went to the kitchen that night, mother had the flowers in her hair and she smelt heavenly. From then on I continued to bring flowers everyday which mother used to wear when we got together in the kitchen. Another three months went by and something else happened which took our love affair to the next level.

There was a communal riot in town and all schools were closed for two weeks. Since Dussehra was coming after those two weeks, that meant no school for a month. His office did not close, so he will stay in town. After we relaxed a little bit, mother and grandma went to the temple for the evening pooja. When they returned, they cooked a nice dinner for us and we all ate heartily. I have put your box there.

I will take care of the children downstairs. I looked at her. But she was demurely looking at the floor avoiding eye contact with me. I went upstairs confused. The upstairs room was a surprise to me. It had been whitewashed. There were festive decorations on the wall and floor. There was a wooden bed in the middle with new mattress and pillows. There were flowers hanging from the canopy over the bed and agarbathi was lit and making the room smell very fragrant. I just sat on the bed wondering what mother was going to do.

After what seemed to me a long long time even though it was only fifteen minutesmother came upstairs. She had changed her silk sari she was wearing when she went to the temple and was wearing her regular thin cotton sari and slightly tight blouse which accentuated her shapely breasts. She closed the door when she came in and had a box of sweets in her hand. Then I took one and asked her to open her mouth so that I can put in her mouth. My mother came near me and lovingly opened her sweet mouth. But her sweet lips so near me intoxicated me so much that I forgot the sweet and grasping her waist, drew her towards me and kissed her.

Mother gasped and struggled a bit but I held on to her waist and pressed my lips to hers strongly. She relaxed and put her arms around me and gave her lips to me to taste. She didn't see him again until she arrived home from hospital a week later with their new baby, her requiring the usual 6 weeks post-op recovery. Sure she had needs too, but the healing of her sliced tummy was far more important! Being a well-earning professional she had got back on her feet relatively quickly, though with just a single income she was now down-sizing into a modest apartment. Natalia looked up as Mark entered the room carrying a stack of several large boxes - she could never have lugged all that weight in one trip.

Due to the summer heat, he had - with her permission - removed the polo shirt he had started the day in. She'd seen him shirtless before, but even with his slim, toned physique helped by hours of outdoor activity, her deep sisterly friendship with him had never allowed her to appreciate this aspect of his masculinity - until now. From Mark's point-of-view, he knew Natalia considered him wholly and solely like her big brother. Although this was sweet and certainly enabled him to spend a lot of time with her - which they both appreciated - he longed for more.

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He utterly adored them both, Natalia and Lana. Both women were very similar in many ways, motuers very different in moghers others. Lana had captured his mind, but Natalia had captured his heart. He was careful to never, ever let either of them see motherss he storiea checked out Natalia's wonderfully-curvy morhers. She was tall, with beautiful Russian facial features and long, straight, mid-blonde hair. Her full hips and lovely round ass were great teases, but it was her breasts which crowned her physical perfection in his eyes.

They were big E-cups, which although always well hidden, he'd managed to check out just storjes once when she bent over and inadvertently offered him a view right down her luscious cleavage. That image of her lovely, soft, round globes had ingrained itself in Mark's memory ever since, even though he knew he'd never see more. But what he had seen was incredible! Mark found himself, as usual, sneaking longing glances at Natalia's lovely curves as she lay on the sofa while he continued carrying boxes into her flat. He was hot, and covered with sweat. I got the old faucet off and the new one on without a leak. Cynthia was very thankful. To show her appreciation she offered to let me fuck her.

Normally I would have said no but then I remembered what my mother had said about Cynthia needing adult companionship, someone to talk too, and that she needed to get her mind off things in general. Sex always did that for me. She took me into her bedroom, put the kid in a crib, and removed her panties. She apologized for the unruly hair, the lack of feminine hygiene, and smelling of sour milk. She was so pretty. Her thick bush parted giving me a clear view of her pink hole glistening with her pent up desire or the leftover piss.

As Trust's increasingly-loud groans signalled his own com of Natalia's subject-crazed bouncing, Natalia become even more read to see his strong-smiling face now almost enraptured with her sexy, womanly attentions. Sex always did that for me.

I chose to think of it as her desire to get fucked. I told her that I always do. She said that it was like fucking without the feeling. I had to agree with her. That brought me back to reality, she had nursed the last two kids, and she had gotten pregnant quite quickly. I slipped the condom down over my erection and then I slipped it into her. After about three minutes she asked me what was taking me so long, then she assumed that it was the raincoat that I had put over my cock. That poor girl had never had good sex. I was determined to show her what sex was supposed to be like for the woman.

Up until then guys had just used her as a place to cum and she let them. I kissed her and I played with her nipples causing them to get moist. Cynthia reached up and squeezed both of them squirting milk on my chest. I laughed and she did it a few more times. Cynthia let me do it and after I gave her, her first multiple orgasm she was hooked. She had never in her life experienced an orgasm from a guy, let alone a series of them. After some twenty minutes of fucking her I started to cum. My excitement and my enthusiasm were also new to her and caused some excitement in her too.

Then we climaxed together. She could not believe that sex could be so good. I told her that there was a difference between making love and having sex. That night Mom came into my bedroom to say goodnight and to thank me for helping Cynthia out. Then Mom said that Cynthia had told her all about the great sex that we had had together and asked Mom if I could come over and visit her some more. Mom kissed me and said that she was proud of me for wearing a condom and giving the girl some pleasure too. She said that all too often the guy was only interested in his own pleasure.

Then she told me that Dad was not that kind of a man, even after twenty years of marriage. He ran my clit through his fingers to make it hard and pointy. He put the baby between my legs and attached his mouth to my clit. The baby was confused at first but then tasted his sweet nectar of milk in with new tastes.

He began to suck with motjers his might to get his feeding. His tongue just tickling me in the right way. I was going crazy with the vigor he motherrs taking on my clit. It was the most intense sexual moment in our lives. As soon as the baby was done feeding and had fallen erohic he picked him up and took him lactatint to his bed. He immediately came back to me and fucked me so deep and hard. And told me that was only the beginning of what he had in Fref. I had been feeding the baby baby food by now but I was still sx feeding him anywhere from six to lactatihg times a day.

The evening feeding was always on my clit. The next level my husband took it to was getting the baby to stick his entire hand and arm up my pussy and fuck it as he suckled. He did not want me to wean the baby off of my breasts. He slowly stopped becoming jealous of the baby having them but began to enjoy watching him suckle me the way that he did. He started to have a strong bond with his son. And he spent as much time with me as he did with his dad. When feeding time would come he would always expect to have his father right there next to him. He would play with his hair and smile at him. When the summer came and we would be outside by the pool I would go topless and the baby would run in the water and come back and feed for awhile and then go to the water again.

He would choose if he wanted to lie on my breasts and feed or lie between my legs. When he wanted to be between my legs he would go and get the bottle with the tube. And he really had no clue that this was not right. But my husband could not let me stop. And I would do anything and everything that he asked of me.

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