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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender-related Films

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Short bibliographies accompany each article. Lesbian histories and cultures: Lx Examines culture of female same-sex attraction and practice across history and geography. Gay and lesbian issues: Electronic Book Presents an overview, including a chronology of events, of the gay civil rights movement and gy information about court decisions, laws and statutes, prominent people, the positions of major organizations, and other issues related to gay rights. Gay rights on trial: Unfortunately, this volume predates many of the current changes in the same-sex marriage debate.

U5 S75 After a chronology, list of organizations, and significant primary source documents, chapters deal with broad topics of interest to the LGBT community. Extensive reading lists are provided for each topic. Searching for Books You can find books in the UT Library Catalog using either keywords for your topic, or using Subject Headings such as those listed below.

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Risk Factors for LGBT Health Disparities While biological and relate influences on health in the general population receive ample attention Human Genome Project Information Archive,much less is known about the transgeender of structural and environmental contexts on health and the roles of social ot, which Lesblan vary considerably across marginalized groups. In conceptualizing the determinants of LGBT health disparities, researchers have relied almost exclusively on stress and coping models. Most notably, the Minority Stress Model Meyer, postulates that sexual minorities experience increased mental health problems because of stress processes unique to their status, namely discrimination, expectations of rejection, concealment, and internalized homophobia.

Hatzenbuehler expanded upon this model with the Psychological Mediation Framework, which suggests that emotion dysregulation, interpersonal problems, and cognitive processes mediate the link between heightened stressors because of sexual minority status and psychopathology. While these theories advance our understanding of LGBT mental health disparities, current conceptualizations fail to explain why many LGBT people enjoy good health despite adversity and to articulate the multilevel factors that may influence the continuum of LGBT health over the life course.

Bisexual related or transgender gay film Lesbian

The Health Equity Promotion Model We propose a new conceptual framework that situates LGBT health across the life course and focuses on how minority status related to sexual and gender identity can result in variations in health for LGBT populations over time. Examining the resilience as well as risks that influence LGBT people is a first step toward a comprehensive understanding of their health across the life course. Resilience factors that may delink the relationship between stressors in early life and consequential health deterioration in later life have not been adequately addressed in previous frameworks. Based on a conception of health equity, a primary premise of this framework is that all individuals have a right to good health, and it is a collective responsibility to ensure all obtain their full health potential.

The framework points to structural and rransgender factors as determinants of health as well as community and individual-level factors, highlighting resources, resilience, human agency, and risks. A bisecual course perspective provides a means for taking into consideration both historical and social contexts that are shared by age cohorts and the unique needs, adaptation, and resilience of LGBT individuals as human agency. This perspective highlights differences in experience between an LGBT person who came of age when homosexuality was considered a psychiatric disorder compared with an LGBT adult now in early adulthood during the marriage equality debates.

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